A liquid of bulk modulus k os compressed by applying an external pressure such that its density increases by0.001 .The pressure applied on the liquid is

Asked by vishakhachandan026 | 23rd Mar, 2019, 09:28: AM

Expert Answer:

Bulk modulus k is given by  k = p/(ΔV/V) ...........(1)
where p is pressure, ΔV is change in volume and V is volume
if m is mass, we have density ρ = m/ V   or  log (ρ) = log(m) - log(V) .................(2)
since mass is constant, by differentiating (2), we get  Δρ/ρ = -ΔV/V
Hence eqn.(1) is written as ,  k = p/ ( Δρ/ρ )  or p  = k×( Δρ/ρ ) = k×0.001

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 23rd Mar, 2019, 10:08: AM

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