A Diwali rocket is ejecting 0.05 kg of gases per second at a velocity of 400 m/s2. What will be the accelerating force on the rocket?

Asked by nazia hasan | 25th Apr, 2013, 09:26: PM

Expert Answer:

Please note that you wrote wrong units of velocity. It should be 400m/s and not 400m/s2
The kinetic energy of the gases is used to give the acceleration to the rocket. 
Hence Kinetic energy/sec = 1/2*m*v^2 = 1/2*0.05*(400)^2 = 4000 J
Also the distance moved by the rocket in 1 sec = 400m 
By work energy theroem, Change in kinetic energy = work done 
Work done = Force*distance
Force*distance = 4000
Force*400 = 4000
Force = 10N

Answered by  | 27th Apr, 2013, 10:37: AM

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