A coil of area 2m2 is placed in a magnetic field B(t) = 4t + 3 Tesla. The resistance of the coil is 100 milliohm. Find the induced current in the coil.

Asked by naren15 | 22nd Feb, 2011, 06:03: AM

Expert Answer:

 is the permeability constant (1.26x10-6 H/m)

i is the current in the wire, in amperes.

r is the radius of the current loop, in meters.

 A is the area of the current loop, or 
4t+3 = 1.26x10-6 X i / ( 2 X sqrt(2/pi))
assuming t=0, B = 3
i = 3X( 2 X sqrt(2/pi))/ 1.26x10-6

Answered by  | 8th Mar, 2011, 11:14: PM

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