A body covers a distance of 5m along a semicircular path from its one end to another end .Then the ratio of its distance covered to its displacement is

Asked by tm.sivanetra | 5th Jun, 2020, 08:14: PM

Expert Answer:

Let R be the radius of semi-circular path as shown in figure.
Displacement in semi circular path is diameter (d)= 2R
distance covered in semi circular path = R
It is given that the distance covered by the body to complete semicircular path is 5 m
This means, 
distance, 5 = R
R = 5/ ... (1) 
displacement = 2R = 2( 5/) = 10/
ratio of distance covered to displacement is, 


Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 5th Jun, 2020, 09:57: PM