2 L of NH3 at 273K and 1 ATM pressure neutralised 134ml of a solution of H2SO4.What is the normality of the acid?

Asked by pb_ckt | 19th May, 2019, 11:56: PM

Expert Answer:

Volume; V = 1 litre
Pressure; P = 1 atm
Temparature; T = 273 K
n = ?
We know,
PV space equals nRT

straight n space equals space PV over RT

space space space equals fraction numerator 1 cross times 2 over denominator 0.0821 cross times 273 end fraction

space space straight n space equals space 0.0892 space mole
Meq of NH3 = Meq of H2SO4 
0.0821× 1000= 134×Normality of an acid
Normality of an acid = 
equals space fraction numerator 0.0892 cross times 1000 over denominator 134 end fraction

space equals space 0.6659 space straight N 
The normality of the acid is 0.6659 N.

Answered by Varsha | 20th May, 2019, 10:16: AM