100MH coil carries a current of 5 ampere what is energy store in it

Asked by sahilposwal28 | 21st Aug, 2020, 02:20: PM

Expert Answer:

The energy stored in the magnetic field is given as, 
E space equals 1 half L I squared
L space minus space i n d u c tan c e space
I space minus space c u r r e n t space
L space equals 100 space m H space equals space 0.1 space H space
E space equals space 1 half open parentheses 0.1 close parentheses cross times open parentheses 5 close parentheses squared space equals space fraction numerator 2.5 over denominator 2 end fraction space equals 1.25 space J space  
Option (d) 1.25 J 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 21st Aug, 2020, 06:50: PM