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NCERT Solutions for Class 11-science Hindi CBSE

NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 11 Hindi in Class 11 Science syllabus, Hindi is one of the language subjects. By studying your syllabus topics, you’ll get an opportunity to learn prose and poems that are considered notable works in Hindi literature. However, you need effective study resources like Class 11 Hindi NCERT solutions to understand the meaningful Hindi chapters in your syllabus.

Our NCERT CBSE Class 11 Science Hindi solutions include NCERT solutions for Aroh bhag1 and NCERT solutions for Vitan Bhag 1. Revise the engaging stories by Premchand, Satyajit Ray, Balmukund, and other famous authors. Learn to read and understand Hindi poems by revising poems by Kabir, Akka Mahadevi, Sumitranandan Pant, and others.

Prepare for your Class 11 Hindi exams with clearly written answers by our experts who are some of the best Hindi professors in India. Improve your Hindi writing skills by practising our NCERT chapter-wise answers to questions from your NCERT Hindi textbook. Also, clear your doubts by using the ‘Undoubt’ feature on TopperLearning and gear up to score more marks in Hindi Class 11 exam.

NCERT Solutions Hindi

NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 11 Science Hindi Chapters

Vitan Bhag 1

Chapter 1 - Lata Mangeshkar

In this Hindi chapter, learn about the world of songs and read about the singing skills of India’s well-known singer Lata Mangeshkar. Read about Kumar Gandharva’s views on types of songs and the purpose of songs. For exam preparation, our NCERT Chapter solutions for Vitan Bhag 1 Chapter 1 will support you with the expert answers.

Chapter 2 - Rajsthan Ki Rajat Bhunde

Revise Chapter 2 in the Vitan Bhag 1 part of Class 11 Hindi syllabus with our NCERT solutions. The NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 11 Hindi Core Rajasthan Ki Rajat Bunde will enable you to write accurate answers on the problem of water scarcity in Rajasthan. Get answers on what the writer thinks could solve Rajashthan’s water-related problems.

Chapter 3 - Aalo Aandhari

Take advantage of the NCERT solutions for Class 11 CBSE Hindi Core Chapter 3 Aalo Aandhari to revise the story of Baby. The chapter solutions can be used to quickly revise the problems highlighted by the writer through Baby’s character. Also, read about what are the problems faced by domestic servants.


Aroh Bhag 1

Chapter 1 - Premchand

Learn about Premchand, one of the most popular writers in Hindi literature. In your Class 11 Hindi syllabus, you will study Premchand’s “Namak Ka Daroga”. You’ll learn the importance of honesty through Munshi Vanshidhar’s story. The NCERT solutions can be used to correctly study the answers to your textbook questions.

Chapter 2 - Krishna Sobati
In this chapter, the NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 11 Science Hindi will help you revise the work of Krishna Sobati titled, “Miyan Nasiruddin”. Understand the character traits of Miyan Nasiruddin. Find out why the writer went to meet Miyan Nasiruddin and why did Miyan Nasiruddin start losing interest in taking the conversation ahead with the writer.

Chapter 3 - Satyajit Ray

Use our NCERT solutions by Hindi experts to understand the works of notable writer and filmmaker Satyajit Ray. In this chapter, get answers for questions on Satyajit Ray’s story “Pather Panchali” which tells you about the story of Apu and his poor family. Also, the solutions will support you to write answers about the events that took place during the filming of the story.

Chapter 4 - Balmukund

This chapter will discuss “Vidaayi Sambhashan”, one of the important parts of Balmukund’s notable work, “Shivshambhu Ke Chitthe”. Revise the work by Balmukund on patriotism. Understand various events in India’s history by using the Chapter 4 NCERT solutions for revision.

Chapter 5 - Shekhar Joshi

Revise the story “Galta Loha” by while learning more about the writer Shekhar Joshi through the NCERT solutions. The solutions will be valuable when you sit to study the story of Mohan and his life events. Along with answers to other textbook questions, find out why the writer feels that Mohan’s move to Lucknow became a turning point in Mohan’s life.

Chapter 6 - Krishna Nath

In this chapter, read about the Hindi author Krishna Nath. To understand his work better, you can use the NCERT Chapter 6 solutions which cover answers for important textbook questions about Krishna Nath’s travelogue, “Spiti Mein Baarish”. Discover the fascinating details of the Himalayan region of Spiti through Krishna Nath’s writing. NCERT solutions for Class 11 will help you write about the changes that took place in Spiti over the years.

Chapter 7 - Mannu Bhandari

Learn about Madhya Pradesh-based Indian author Mannu Bhandhari and her play “Rajni” in this chapter. Revise Rajni’s story to understand the problems in the education system. Utilise the NCERT solutions to understand the author’s message of how tuition teachers, students and parents are equally responsible for the issues prevailing in the field of education.

Chapter 8 - Krishan Chandar

This Class 11 Hindi chapter will assist you with the revision of author Krishan Chandar and his story “Jamun ka Ped”. Find out what justification did the agriculture division give to move the issue in the story to the horticulture division. Krishan Chandar’s story illustrates the selfishness of people when problems show up.

Chapter 9 - Jawaharlal Nehru

This chapter introduces you to the work of Jawaharlal Nehru called “Bharat Mata”. Our NCERT solutions for Class 11 Science Hindi can be used for clarity on what Jawaharlal Nehru is trying to say about India in this write-up. Revise the problems faced by farmers before independence and find out what were Jawaharlal Nehru’s dreams on rebuilding the nation after independence.

Chapter 10 - Saiyad Raja Haidar

Benefit from important revision notes for Class 11 Hindi Chapter 10 through our NCERT Hindi textbook solutions. Understand the background of author Saiyad Raja Haidar and get answers about his work “Aatma Ka Taap”. Read and revise the key events in Raja’s story to prepare for your Hindi exam.

Chapter 11 - Kabir [Poem]

In this chapter, understand the meaning of some of the famous verses by Kabir. Find out what are the poet’s thoughts about God. With the NCERT Chapter 11 Hindi solutions, get answers on what will happen to people who become followers of uneducated teachers. Our solutions will also enlighten you with the lessons that can be learned from Kabir’s verses.

Chapter 12 - Meera [Poem]

In Chapter 12 Class 11 Hindi CBSE, you’ll read and understand a few verses from “Meera Muktawali” that was written by Narottamdas Swami. You can go through the Hindi textbook solutions to read about how Meera worshipped Krishna and why people considered Meera to be a mad person.

Chapter 13 - Ramnaresh Tripathi [Poem]

Learn the poem “Pathik” by poet Ramnaresh Tripathi in this chapter. Revise the textbook question and answers to get clarity on how the poet is trying to personify nature. The solutions will also help you with viewpoints by experts on how we are drifting away from nature in today’s world instead of enjoying its beauty.

Chapter 14 - Sumitranandan Pant [Poem]

Revise the poem “Ve Aankhen” by famous Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant by referring to the answers by our Hindi experts in the NCERT solutions for Class 11 Science Hindi. Through the poem, the poet talks to you about the life of farmers. The NCERT Hindi solutions will be useful for the revision of the problems faced by farmers that the poet has presented in the poem.

Chapter 15 - Bhawani Prasad Mishra [Poem]

The NCERT solutions for Class 11 Aroh Part 1 Hindi Chapter 15 will come in handy to revise this poem by Bhawani Prasad Mishra. Read about how the poet has expressed his feelings about missing home through his poem “Ghar Ki Yaad”. In the poem, the poem speaks about his family and the sadness that looms over the family when he is away in jail.

Chapter 16 - Trilochan [Poem]

Use our NCERT solutions for Class XI Aroh Part 1 Hindi Chapter 16 to learn about the works of Trilochan. You’ll be able to practise the questions and answers related to Trilochan’s poem titled “Champa Kaale Kaale Achchar Nahin Chinhati”. Also, understand why it is important for girls like Champa to learn to read and write for communication.

Chapter 17 - Dushyant Kumar [Poem]

Read about poet Dushyant Kumar’s work and try to interpret the messages hidden in his collection of verses in “Gazal”. TopperLearning’s NCERT solutions for Class 11 Aroh Part 1 Hindi are important Hindi notes for revision of textbook questions present in Chapter 17. Also, understand the poetic elements used by Dushyant Kumar in the poem.

Chapter 18 - Akka Mahadevi [Poem]

In this chapter read some of the impactful verses by Akka Mahadevi. For the revision of Chapter 18, you can read the NCERT chapter solutions prepared by our Hindi experts. Understand what the poetess desires in life and what does she wishes for in life. Also, find answers on why Akka Mahadevi’s life is similar to Meera’s life.

Chapter 19 - Avtar Singh Pash [Poem]

Go through the accurate NCERT solutions for Class 11 CBSE Hindi Core Poem Avtar Singh Pash to revise Chapter 19. The chapter covers poet Avtar Singh Pash’s notable work “Sabse Khatarnak”. Use the Chapter 19 solutions to find out what the poet indicates when he says that there’s something far more dangerous than being beaten up by the police or getting robbed of one’s hard-earned riches.

Chapter 20 - Nirmala Puttal [Poem]

Do a revision of Nirmala Puttal’s “Aao, Milkar Bachaye” with the NCERT solutions for Hindi Aroh Part 1 Chapter 20. Study the answers by our Hindi experts to understand how the poetess emphasises preserving the elements that represent our rich culture. Practise writing the answers for textbook questions with our solutions to prepare for your Hindi exam.

NCERT Textbook Solutions

Why NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 11 Hindi are important?

In CBSE Class 11 Science subjects such as Physics and Maths present difficulties for students mainly in the form of numerical problems. Hindi becomes difficult for those students who do not use the language for communication. If your basics of Hindi are strong, you’ll be able to study Hindi more effectively.

For those students who fear the Hindi subject in Class 11, there’s isn’t a better way to learn than practising the answers to textbook questions. NCERT Hindi textbook for Class 11 is the prescribed learning resource by the CBSE board for exam preps. That’s why, on TopperLearning you’ll get NCERT CBSE Class 11 Hindi solutions by Hindi academic experts to prepare for your exam.

Our Class 11 Hindi NCERT solutions are freely available in a chapter-wise format to support your Hindi study plan. Understand the verses of Kabir or find out what Premchand is trying to say through Vanshidhar’s story by reading our NCERT solutions. You can also use TopperLearning resources such as Class 11 Science sample paper and previous year paper to get better at writing answers in your Hindi exam and score more marks.

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