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A bucket tied to a string is lowered with constant acceleration of g/4. if the mass of the bucket is m and is lowered by a distance d, the work done by the string is [assume string is massless]

Asked by 13th March 2015, 6:42 PM
Answered by Expert

begin mathsize 14px style Hi space Tushar comma The space string space has space the space following space forces space acting space on space it Weight space mg space of space bucket space in space downward space direction. Tension space in space the space upward space direction comma space and Accelerating space force space in space the space downward space direction. Hence comma space we space have mg minus straight T equals straight m straight g over 4 mg minus mg over 4 equals straight T fraction numerator 3 mg over denominator 4 end fraction equals straight T Hence comma space work space done space by space tension space in space the space string space is straight W equals straight T times straight d equals Tdcos 180 equals negative Td equals fraction numerator negative 3 mgd over denominator 4 end fraction Here comma space the space negative space sign space indicates space that space bucket space is space moving space against space the space tension space force. end style

Answered by Expert 13th March 2015, 6:50 PM
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