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a ball weighing 4 kg of density 5000 kg/m cube completely immersed in a water of density 1000 kg/m cube. find the force of buoyency on it.

Asked by leean 13th March 2015, 6:23 PM
Answered by Expert

Hi Leean,

Given that the:

Mass of the ball = 4 kg

Density of the cube = 5000 kg/m3

Density of water =1000 kg/m3

Buoyant force = Volume of ball × density of water × acceleration due to gravity

 Volume of ball = mass of ball /  density of ball

= 4 kg/ 5000 kg/m3

begin mathsize 14px style Buoyant space force space equals space Volume space of space ball space cross times space density space of space water space cross times space acceleration space due space to space gravity equals 4 over 5000 cross times 1000 cross times 10 Taking space straight g space equals 10 straight m divided by straight s squared equals 8 space straight N Buoyant space force space equals space 8 space straight N end style


Answered by Expert 13th March 2015, 6:43 PM
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