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Why Playing is Important for Children

Gone are the days when the streets and gardens were filled with children playing around. Playing games is not just mere fun they also teach children many lessons of life. For every child, games should be a prominent element in life. No matter how old we get, playing games will always be an integral element of our physical and mental development. Looking at the present scenario, children are not very keen in playing games. Let us find out what games have to teach us.

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Winning the Game

Everybody likes to win, and people will give their hundred percent in order to win. Games, on the other hand, make competition much more fun and enthusiastic for children. At times, this enthusiasm to compete in every game works in real-life competition as well.

Team Play

Many games are not just restricted to a single player; they require more people to get involved. Such games teach children how to work together in a team to reach the goal. Children love challenges, so when they have to compete against a strong opponent, they will work hard to leave no stone unturned.

Exploring Different Solutions

Games like treasure hunt really teach children how to look at different solutions before reaching the finish line. Such games give opportunities to children to explore different situations, encouraging children to think constructively.

Analytical Skills

Crosswords, puzzles and word searches are very popular in giving our brain a toss while playing. Such games are a good exercise for our brain as they push us hard to think and imagine.

The entire motto of games is to give children that space to improve on their skills by providing them lot of opportunity to adjust and work on their flaws. On the other hand, goal-oriented games are much more effective than simple ones.

Tejal Mistry

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