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Why Maintain an Exam Routine


Why Maintain an Exam Routine

Why is it that our otherwise happy life becomes stressful when exams are near?

By Pratibha Yadav 26th Aug, 2014 01:11 pm

Why is it that our otherwise happy life becomes stressful when exams are near? Why can’t we get through exams, the way we get through other things in life? There must be something that we could do to keep things on track during exams!

Well, agreed that exams can be hectic and stressful, but if we plan well, we can easily ditch the negatives involved with exam preparations. And, how can we plan that? Well, it is all about maintaining a proper routine and following it religiously! No cheating!



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Now, that you know that following a proper exam routine that can help you prepare well, let’s take a look at the reasons why a routine is required:

Helps you Manage your Studies: Maintaining a proper routine helps you manage your studies. And if you can manage your studies, then exams are managed automatically. So, basically, following a proper exam routine can teach you some management skills which may help you in your future career too!

Optimum Utilisation of Time: Now, lack of time is something that we always complain about. However, have you ever given it a thought that everybody in this world has an equal share of time? Even your class topper has the same number of hours as you do. So, where is the problem? It’s in the ways you use your time. A proper exam routine will help you utilise your time effectively. After all, a stitch in time saves nine! Right?

No more Sacrificing your Favourite Activities: Approaching exams does not necessarily mean you have to stop doing all your favourite activities. If you can manage your time well, you will have time for your activities too. Isn’t that interesting?

Equal Attention to all Subjects: Sometimes, our enthusiasm and interest towards a particular subject is so high that we end up devoting all of our time to it. It is good to focus on the subject we like, but exams are not just about our favourite subject. So, make a routine which devotes equal amount of time to all the subjects.

Reduces the Exam Stress: A bit of stress during exams is natural and you just can’t do away with it. But, once you are used to your special exam routine, you will realise that the stress levels during exams are not that high. And, less stress can help you focus more on exams. Also, the number of coffees and sleepless nights will reduce.

Better Performance: Better performance is the byproduct of a good exam routine. Your hardwork will definitely yield you a good result. So, go ahead and show that you are a performer too!

PS: The exam routine should not be made according to your comfort. Involve your parents and teachers while making a routine and follow it like you have no other option.

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