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Top Things to Pledge on Republic Day


Top Things to Pledge on Republic Day

It’s good to enjoy things, but not at the cost of our country.

By Pratibha Yadav 23rd Jan, 2015 05:38 pm

We don’t need a special day like Republic Day to pledge things in life. However, in this busy life, we seldom remember our duties and tend to go off track. It’s good to enjoy things, but not at the cost of our country.


Swachh Bharat

By Swachh Bharat, we don’t intend to talk about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign. Yes! It’s indeed one of the greatest efforts in recent times, but what we mean to say is that we must strive towards having a clean India. And, the spirit of clean India should start from within. Don’t litter and help others not to do the same. Take the plunge towards a better India. After all, it’s our country, and we need to be kind to it.


Green India

It’s important to act as responsible citizens. You, as the future generation of the country, should be concerned about a greener tomorrow. Plant more trees and encourage others to do likewise. Go for eco-friendly products and save the environment.


Respect Elders

Our generation is famous for not respecting elders. Let’s prove them wrong. Respect your elders. After all, they know much more than what we think we know.


Follow your Passion

There are certain activities we’re passionate about. Somehow, we don’t do them or they get delayed. Now is the time! Follow your passion. Do things which make you happy and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.



You do have your old clothes and toys which are no longer of any use to you, right? You can donate your things to people who are really in need.

So, let’s pledge to do things which don’t harm our country and people in anyway. Let’s be good citizens!


Pratibha Yadav

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