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Top 5 Resolutions which Never Get Fulfilled

Are you thinking about making New Year resolutions? Before you start, we request you to look back into your past to see if your last year resolutions were fulfilled. You already know the answer! Most of us make resolutions, and some of us are also sincere enough to fulfil them. Interestingly, here are five resolutions which always remain unfulfilled.


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Getting up Early: It’s the resolution we all make but never fulfil. Sometimes, it’s better to let go off the resolutions than to sacrifice our sleep. 


Not Bunking: We bunk class and get caught only a few times. We secretly decide to be a good student and avoid bunking class. This never happens though!


Saving Money: My friends had decided to save some money last year. Well, the temptations were stronger than the resolution. Has this happened with you? We know you may be nodding your head in affirmation.


Avoiding Junk Food: We decide on abstaining from our favourite junk food, but the point is do we stick to the promise we make to ourselves?


Doing Homework on Time: After we are out of school, we forget everything, even the homework. We remember only when the teacher asks the other students for answers related to the homework. You then decide to do your homework on time. But does it work? You know better!


-Pratibha Yadav

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