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Top 5 outdoor activities to help kids and parents bond with each other

Nowadays, the bond between parents and their children is getting weaker thanks to kids becoming more tech savvy and creating a world of their own. Parents too are so engrossed in their professional lives that they hardly pay attention to their kids. Because of this, communication between both, which is extremely vital in the formative years of kids, is being affected very badly. However, parents need not fear as all is not lost. There are certain outdoor activities which will bring you closer than ever to your kids.

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Nothing rejuvenates feelings more than spending time in nature with your loved ones. So, choose a hill station close to your city, put on your sports shoes and go on a trekking trip with your kids. Observe both small and prominent features of Mother Nature and impart knowledge to your young ones about the magic of nature.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Snorkelling is a way of viewing underwater life without going deep within the ocean/sea. This is best for people who don’t know how to swim or are afraid to go deep inside the sea. However, parents and kids who can swim and want a deeper and closer experience must go for scuba diving. Just witnessing life underwater with your child will be an unforgettable experience. Being in that beautiful environment and world will trigger emotions within you which will make you come closer emotionally.

Tennis, Cricket or Football

Pick any sport that your kids love and actually play it with them. This will not only show your child that you are a keen observer of his/her likes but also help you bond on another level altogether. The best lessons in life are learnt through the spirit of sportsmanship, and this will be a wonderful opportunity for both parties to unwind together.


India is blessed with many forests which boast of exotic wildlife. So, take your kids on an epic safari adventure and get equally amazed with them as you witness the best of natural habitat unfold before your very eyes. Animals are the best examples of the perfect family life (especially during their infant stage). A safari is a once in a lifetime experience. If parents go on a safari with their kids, it will become part of an unforgettable memory.

Meditation/Yoga Camp

If you thought that your little ones don’t have any stress or tension, then you are wrong. Right from keeping up with their studies to being up to date with the latest fashion and technology in their group, they got to do it all. Peer pressure in today’s times is at an all-time high and belonging to a group or being ‘cool’ leads to stress among kids. Take your children to a meditation and yoga camp and along with them calm your nerves and become stress-free. When stress-free and away from the grind, a great conversation can take place or you will discover new attributes about each other, helping you become closer emotionally.

So, pack your bags and head out into the arms of nature and let the experience heal the distance between your hearts!


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