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To the 8th standard students, right now is the best time to start preparing for IIT

To the 8th standard students, right now is the best time to start preparing for IIT

Well, you must be thinking that we have lost our minds! Who starts preparing for IIT this early, especially when the 10th standard board exams are looming large on your head? 8 out of 10 students who have appeared for IIT in the past will tell you that they began their full-fledged preparations for IIT soon after they stepped into the 11th standard. These are the serious and the dedicated types, and they will convince you that it’s the right time to begin.

But what about the remaining two? Probably, one of them waited until much later to start preparing for IIT, thinking that it will take their focus off from the impending board exams. And, the other one? The other one is must be the exception, coming from the other end of the road. Probably, he was the one who started preparing for IIT when everyone else was absorbed in the woes and worries of adolescence, thereby clearly mimicking the depiction of “an early bird”.


If not him, then who do you think will have a competitive edge over his peers?

Starting with your IIT preparation in the 8th and the 9th standard for both ICSE and CBSE students, is both strategic and beneficial. 

  1. It gives you ample time – In one way, the 8th and 9th standards are the golden years of your school life. Your syllabus has come a long way from being theoretical to conceptual, and the 10th standard board exam is still a safe distance away. During these two years, you will have ample time, the most important asset of all. With proper planning you can set aside enough time for your school studies and recreational activities, and still have few hours a week to spend preparing for your IIT.

  2. It gives you time to form a strong foundation – As you progress through the years, the load of your school studies also multiply. Needless to say, the amount of pressure you will face in the 11th standard is much greater than what you will face in the 8th standard. Starting your IIT preparations early gives you a solid edge. You can take the time to build a strong foundation of concepts that will help you later.

  3. It gives you an edge in your regular studies – There are certain topics that coincide between your school studies and IIT preparation. While doing the two simultaneously, you automatically have to delve deep into your subject. For example, your 9th grade physics books may have “Mechanics” as a topic but because you are also preparing for IIT, you have already covered “Newton’s Laws”, a topic which is usually covered in the 11th standard.

  4. You are already one step ahead- By beginning with your IIT preparation early, you are already a step ahead. You will be attempting to learn concepts and study topics that are much advanced. As you expand your horizon through meticulous efforts, you are readily polishing your analytical skills. You have already tuned into the IIT mind set and that’s a huge plus.

By now you must have gone over the benefits of starting early in your mind. Having said that, you must also understand the scope of syllabus for IIT preparation is beyond the common understanding of an 8th or 9th standard student. The last thing you would want to do is buy a few handbooks and strive to study on your own. Chances are, you will give up as soon as you started. Click for IIT JEE CRASH COURSE.

Save yourself the trouble and enrol for tuition classes where you will have experts to guide you through every step. Here too, you will be faced with two options: Offline classes, the traditional and the preferred medium for most, and online tuition classes for IIT which is a new but revolutionary approach to learning.

Between school, dance classes, swimming lessons, cricket coaching and regular tuition classes, and IIT coaching, just how much can you run around? Online classes help you to study from the comfort of your home so that you can spend your precious time mastering advanced concepts and not braving road traffic.

At TopperLearning.Com, you will find all the help that you need. From invaluable course content to study resources, video lessons, sample papers and homework support you will find everything at one place. You will also find course packages at unparalleled prices that tend to help you with IIT preparation as well as your 9th and 10th standard school studies, so that you can reap all the benefits of being an early bird. And remember, what they say about early birds being able to catch the worm?


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