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Get more marks in your class 8th cbse exams


Get more marks in your class 8th cbse exams

Get more marks in your class 8th cbse exams.

By Admin 02nd Feb, 2018 03:32 pm


Class 8 is when studies begin to get intense both at school and at home. You need to choose a suitable career, or you may have already made your choice to pursue either medicine or engineering. Foundation batches to prepare students for IIT JEE also begin in this academic year. In short, Class 8 is a time when family looks on either to help you choose or to guide you towards choosing your career.

Well, we cannot decide what's best for you, but we at TopperLearning can help be part of your future success irrespective of the path you decide to follow. Safe to say that in Class 8, summative and formative assessments have now been structured into two terms with an examination at the end of the term. The Term 1 exam is a half-yearly exam for 80 marks which will cover the Term 1 curriculum, while the Term 2 exam is a yearly exam which will cover the Term 2 curriculum as well as 30% of the Term 1 curriculum.

These term examinations are going to determine whether you have learned well and possess the knowledge required to take you to the next level. So, now that you will have to answer term exams, you would need the most reliable study tools to prepare and do your best in them.

With TopperLearning's Revision Notes, you can be confident that your concepts are clear and you have adequately revised before your term exams. These notes cover the topics in a chapter such that you easily recall what you've studied.

Written examinations test students’ knowledge. It is for this reason—to test how much you know—that sample papers have been thoughtfully designed by our in-house subject experts. They also help you become familiar with the types of questions and the paper pattern. Importantly, the solutions to the questions will help you write the most relevant points in your answers such that you get more marks. Practising with sample papers is a well-kept secret of the brightest and calmest students in the class. Another secret is ATE.

What is ATE? Ask the Expert or ATE is your go-to platform when you have those difficult doubts that you cannot get resolved by friends, parents or teachers. When it comes to studies and learning, we at TopperLearning want students to have no doubt. So, please remember to use ATE which is always available here and can be accessed 24/7 to get a difficult question answered and that annoying doubt out! 


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