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Tips to Write an Essay during the Exam

Exam Special

Tips to Write an Essay during the Exam

Here, we list some guidelines which will ensure that you are well prepared for the essay question in the exam.

By Tejal Mistry 08th Feb, 2016 06:32 pm

Writing an essay during the exam is challenging for many students. It is not very easy to prepare and jot down ideas for the essay in a very short period. Here, we list some guidelines which will ensure that you are well prepared for the essay question in the exam.

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First, study the question very carefully and make up your mind on what exactly you want to write. Try spending roughly about ten minutes in planning and thinking for the essay. After you are prepared with what to write, simply start jotting down everything you can think about the topic. Now that you have some ideas handy, you can start with your essay.     

Good Introduction

The introduction is one of the most important parts of an essay. So make sure that the introduction you are planning to write should be clear and concise. Avoid writing anything irrelevant or inappropriate in the opening paragraph. It is better to keep the introduction short and clear. 

Give Examples

Your essay is one of hundreds which an examiner will go through. There is no doubt that everyone will try to make their essay read well. Nevertheless, how different can you be from the others? For that to happen, you should probably try including some case studies or relevant examples which will strengthen your essay. Mention some good points or issues which will strongly support your essay.

Avoid Making it Lengthy

The most important thing is to write as much as you can relate to the topic. Keep one thing in mind—quality is more important than quantity. However, do not write as little as possible. Write as much as you want, just make sure that you do not make it too lengthy for the examiner to read. The examiner may lose interest, and you may end up getting less marks than you deserve.  


Summarise your main points and end your essay with clear and well-thought sentences. A strong ending is a mark of a good essay and a good writer. Try to make your conclusion clear and easy with well-analysed content rather than leaving the examiner confused with your thoughts and information.

So now, all you need is a topic and you are well organised with how to present your essay.

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