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Things you Experience if you have a Bad Handwriting

It is a common saying that your handwriting depicts your personality. Well, if it is true, then it really is a heartbreaker for those who have a bad handwriting. We already have a lot to go through and then the burden of a bad personality, all because of a bad handwriting? Isn’t that a bit too much to bear?

Here is a funny take on the things we have to go through if we happen to have a bad handwriting.


That Look

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Every time our teachers see our notebooks, the look on their faces is worth capturing. A look at the teacher’s face and we know he is irritated enough to tear our notebook into pieces. We have no other option than to make a face which attracts some sympathy. And if that works, a long advice session is what we are in for. And the best part is that it happens in every period, only the teacher changes. Sigh!


Brainstorming Session


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Leave alone our teachers. Frankly, can we really understand what we write? Well, we realise that only when the exams come. We open our notes to revise, and all we end up is in a long brainstorming session, trying to read what we had scribbled some days back. Why don’t people use bad handwriting to write confidential documents? No one will be able to read anything confidential!


Copy Handwriting

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Yes we do. We may not accept it, but we do try to copy the handwriting of our friends. Good handwriting inspires us to write better. Only if our hands understood that! The copy exercise gets boring after two days, but bad handwriting still refuses to leave.


Calligraphy: Not even an Option


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Remember those handwriting books our parents used to bring for us. They are still brand new! It seemed too hard. Now, in that case how can we ever think of calligraphy as a career option? No. Not possible.


You Should Become a Doctor

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Bad handwriting is synonymous with doctors. Well, if people with bad handwriting become so successful, then we are really glad! However, on the other side, bad handwriting is not the only criterion which made them doctors. So, people you need to stop suggesting us this profession!


Project Dilemma

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We make sure that our projects are printed from the start to the end. We avoid writing on any of the pages. Why take the chance of losing marks?


Winning a Handwriting Competition: A Distant Dream

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For a person with a bad handwriting, handwriting competitions are a nightmare and winning that competition is a dream which may never materialise.


Instant Connect with a Person with a Bad Handwriting

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There is an instant connection with the person who has a bad handwriting. Somehow, we feel that they understand us better. After all, we share something in common.


Sore Knuckles

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Almost all of us know the pain of getting hit on the knuckles for our bad handwriting. However, we still fail to understand how the hitting on our knuckles helped in improving our handwriting. Don’t you think the pain made our handwriting even worse? Only if the teachers and parents understood this!


Red Colour Dominates your Answer Sheet

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We will be surprised to see if our answer sheet does not have red marks. It is a rare occurrence. Red marks, remarks and corrections by teachers are all over our answer sheet.

The bottom line is love it or hate it your handwriting will always be by your side. At least make sure that you write neatly!

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