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Things to Remember while Preparing for a New Academic Year

Let's take a look at things to remember while preparing for a New Academic Year.



Prepare in Advance

Summer vacations are indeed a time to enjoy, but you shouldn’t entirely sideline your academic studies. Keep brushing up on your knowledge by learning new topics in your syllabus. Regular preparation will help yo u stay confident in the new academic year.


Revise Regularly

After school starts, revise regularly. Make sure that you revise the syllabus taught by the teacher in the class and come up with doubts the next day. Regular revision can give you a better understanding of the syllabus bein g taught.


Focus on Weaker Subjects

The previous academic year must’ve given you a clear idea about your weak subjects. Try and invest more time to study those subjects to get better results in the new academic year.


Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are also part of academics. Schools organise extracurricular activities so that students can learn certain things through either sport or entertainment. Participate in extracurricular activities and give yourself a boost this academic year.


Avoid Mistakes you Did in the Previous Year

We learn from our mistakes. Ponder on the things you shouldn’t have done in the previous year. Don’t repeat them in the current academic year. Although mistakes are bound to happen, you can always be extra careful.



It’s essential to socialise in school. One must have friends to make school life memorable. You can always discuss your lessons and projects with your friends and come up with better ideas. So, if you’ve always been a shy kind of a person, try to socialise and make things different in this academic year.


 -Pratibha Yadav

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