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The Week before the Exam

The week before the exam is when students panic the most, which disrupts their efficient flow in studies. In this final week, students often get trapped between things to do and not to do. What matters more is how you deal with your fear and manage to keep yourself calm and composed throughout. Parents guide their children with what they should do, but they often forget to warn them about things they should not do. The only important feeling during the exams is your comfort level towards learning.

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 Use your Time Productively

Spend few hours studying with reasonable breaks as this helps in increasing your concentration span. Try to manage time in such a manner that you keep certain amount of time for breaks and recreation. In addition, utilise these breaks by doing some outdoor activity such as playing sports or going for a walk with your friends or parents. Do not waste it on TV, video games or play stations because the enthusiasm of games often keeps you away from studies. Also, make sure you limit yourself from all the distracting elements such as social networking sites and cell phones. Try to draft a schedule according to your convenience because it often helps in managing time in a more organised way.

Preparatory Notes

During this final week, avoid studying new information and focus more on things you already know. At times, when you try to grasp new information, you tend to forget things you already know. Focus more on your strengths than on your weaknesses. Evaluate your difficulties in advance and try to work on them with the help of your teachers so no further error takes place. Also, organise your class notes by making sticky notes or short important summaries, so revision becomes easy.

Eat Healthy

Avoid junk food and eat more green vegetable as they are good for the brain. Keep a constant check on your diet because if your stomach is not happy, then focusing on studies is also not possible. Never skip your breakfast, as it is the most important part of your diet. Also, do not study on an empty stomach because an empty stomach often leads to several distractions.

Sleep Well

After long hours of study, the brain needs a good amount of sleep to relax and get refreshed. Your brain continuously evaluates the information you feed it, so rest is essential to retain that information. Avoid taking small naps during the day in order to train yourself to be alert all day long. In addition, if you have a habit of studying late nights, then try to adjust your sleep in this final week so you wake up on time on exam days.

Do not burden yourself with the fear of the result. Also, do not give up on your efforts because hardship never goes to waste. Always try to keep yourself motivated with things you love doing.


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Tejal Mistry

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