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Ten Things You Should Not Do Before the AIPMT Exam

We do everything which is required to be done for an important exam, but we often neglect things which should not be done. We are sure you must have prepared well for AIPMT, but have you taken note of the things which you should not do before the AIPMT exam?  

Read on to make a note of things you should NOT do before the AIPMT exam.

1. Do not Repent for not Finishing the Entire Syllabus

Okay, so you have not been able to finish the entire syllabus. No worries! Just make sure that you have covered all the important topics. Solving sample papers and previous year question papers will help you gauge the kinds of topics which are given more importance. Repenting on the lost portion will not help you gain anything; instead, you will lose your precious time and energy.

2. Do not Think Too Much

Too much of thinking about the exam and how will you perform on the final day can lead to negative thinking, resulting in stress. You have done all you could do to prepare for this exam; extra stress will do no good. So, stop overthinking and just go with the flow. Enter the examination hall with a positive attitude.

3. Do not Attend Social Events and Parties

Attending social events and parties just before the exam will distract your focus and drain you physically. It is better to avoid social gatherings unless essential.

4. Do not Lose Contact with your Tutors

Stay in touch with your teachers and tutors. They not only clear all your doubts but also help you drive away stress.

5. Do not be Late

Getting late on the day of the examination is not a good idea. Get up early and reach the venue before the scheduled time. If your exam venue is in some other city, reach there one day early. You will have enough time to settle.

6. Do not Encourage Social Media

It is better to avoid social media for awhile. Social media is addictive, and you cannot afford to invest your time there. It is important to invest all your time in last minute revisions. Steer away from every possible distraction.

7. Do not start a New Topic

It is not advisable to start a new topic just a few days before the exam. The last few days before the exam are meant only for revision. You cannot waste that precious time in learning something new. There are two reasons why not: One, you will not be able to prepare the new topic thoroughly. Two, it will hinder your revision process. So, forget about what could not be covered, and focus on what can gain you more marks.

8. Do not Spend More Time on the Phone

The phone and other technological devices are made for entertainment. Do not be technology driven to a level that it becomes difficult to concentrate. Use your phone or talk to your friends only during the break time.

9. Do not Discuss the Syllabus

Often discussions and group studies help you learn but not during the last minute. Last minute discussions about the syllabus can lead to stress. You may end up feeling that your friends have prepared better and this is not good for you.

10. Do not Eat Unhealthy

Take care of what you eat as you may risk falling sick just before the exam. Eat healthy, exercise and think positive.

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