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Different Levels Defining the International Olympiad

The Olympiad is a competitive examination based on the syllabus assigned by various boards. The exam is conducted to increase the proficiency of students. The aim of the exam is to motivate students to widen their knowledge and understanding of Science and Mathematics.

Four Stages of the International Olympiad 

The Indian Olympiad programme is organised by the Homi Bhabha Centre and is fully supported by the Department of Atomic Energy. The main purpose of this exam is to support the talent of school students in the country. The programme consists of four stages, and if students wish to participate in the International Olympiad, they will have to successfully pass all the four stages.

Stage 1: National Standard Examination

The preliminary examination or the National Standard Examination is the first stage of selection of students. Students who aspire to go through successive stages of the programme must enrol for this exam. The National Standard Examination is held at various centres in the country, and about 40,000 students answer the exam. The syllabus of the National Standard Examination is similar to that of CBSE Class 10.

Stage 2: Indian National Olympiad

Of the total number of students who participate in the National Standard Examination, only 300 students get selected in each subject. These selected students are then eligible to answer the Indian National Olympiad, which is held at various centres across India. The syllabus of the Indian National Olympiad is the same as that of the National Standard Examination, but the focus is more on conceptual understanding and quantitative reasoning. Based on the performance in the Indian National Olympiad, the top 30 students will be selected for the orientation-cum-selection camp organised by the Homi Bhabha Centre.

Stage 3: Orientation-cum-Selection Camp

The Homi Bhabha Centre organises the Orientation-cum-Selection Camp for 2–3 weeks. The camp is for students who have successfully got into the merit list of Stage 2. Students will be prepared on the basis of the combined theoretical and experimental tests. They will have to undergo rigorous training to qualify for representing India in the International Olympiads. Only 30 students will get this opportunity to qualify for the orientation programme.               

Stage 4: Participation in the International Olympiad

The final stage is the participation of Indian teams in the International Olympiads. From the orientation programme organised by the Homi Bhabha Centre, only a team of six students will get the opportunity to represent India at the International Olympiad. The venue and the commencement of the International events changes from year to year; so, students will have to keep themselves updated with any changes during their preparation for the Olympiads.

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