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Selecting the Right career path after ICSE class 12 board exam

If you are in class 12th or have just passed out and you’re still contemplating on what to choose for your career, here is significant help!

Before we move on to exploring the options, here’s some food for thought:

It is indispensable to give sincere thought to your interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Reflect on what genuinely excites and motivates you because to figure out your purpose, it is a must to find your passion!

Right Career Path after ICSE Class 12

Arts, commerce or science, no matter what ICSE syllabus you have, your career decision after the ICSE class 12 board exam is a major concern.

1. Reflect and Research:

Consider the subject that genuinely excites you or is your favourite, especially after completing your board examinations. Despite pressure from parents or peers, focus on the subject you know by heart in the Science, Business, or Humanities stream. Once chosen, research the career prospects in that subject and align your pursuits accordingly.

2. Future Possibilities:

Recognise the jobs that will long last in the digital era, where 65 percent of today's jobs may not exist in the next decade. While selecting a course, consider factors such as future relevance, market demand, and financial security.

3. Seek Career Counselling:

For those facing difficulty in choosing the right career, consider consulting a qualified career counsellor. These professionals excel in assessing your interests, aptitudes, and skills, guiding you towards the best program, institution, and career path.

4. Income Considerations:

After high school, acknowledge the income prospects associated with available careers. While everyone seeks financial stability, the pursuit doesn't necessarily mean becoming a doctor, engineer, or teacher. Evaluate which occupation aligns with your financial goals, ensuring fulfilment and diverse opportunities in your chosen field.

Career Options after Class 12

To make your decision easier, we have brought some of the best career options that you can choose from after class 12th based on your stream.


The science stream is well known to be one of the toughest subject streams in class 12th. This field offers major career options such as engineering, architecture, doctor, and much more.

Some of the most promising career options available for you are:


●       MBBS

●       MD

●       Dentistry

●       Gynaecologist

●       Cosmetologist, and many more.


●       Electrical Engineer

●       Aerospace Engineer

●       Automobile Engineer

●       Computer Engineer

●       Civil Engineer

●       Nuclear Engineer


This field provides the highest-paying career options for students. Some of the degrees in the field include:

●       BCom

●       BA Economics

●       BBA

●       MIM

●       MBA

●       PGDM

Professional banking is one of the most popular career options available for students coming from the commerce stream. Most of them fall under accountancy.


●       Company, Secretary

●       Chartered Accountancy

●       Certified, Public Accountant

●       Certified Management

●       Accountant

●       Product Manager

●       Digital Marketer.


Most students who are passionate about their hobbies and want to make a career in it also prefer choosing this stream. The arts stream offers some interesting career options, such as:

●       Actor

●       Animator

●       Chef

●       Dancer

●       Fashion Designer

●       Pilot

●       Writer

●       Interior Designer and a lot More.


Humanities is a perfect option for students willing to dive deep into the world of social science. This stream creates endless career options after completing class 12, and some of the emerging options are:

●       Hotel Management

●       Product Design

●       Ethnography

●        Designing

●       Graphology

Apart from the careers mentioned above, humanity also offers journalism, mass communication and law as some of the major career options.

As a person willing to build a career in mass communication and journalism, you can become

●       Anchor

●       Professor

●       News Reporter

●       Tv Producer

●       Radio Producer

●       Photojournalist

●       A Video Editor

Some top-notch law courses are available in leading organisations around the world. The major job profiles in law are:

●       Corporate Lawyers

●       Compliance Analyst

●       Judges

●       Lawyer

●       Law Researcher

●       Professor.

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Mentioned above are some of the major career options available for you to choose from after passing class 12th. However, this isn’t the end; you can choose from multiple other options, too. You can be a photographer, musician, artist and mechanical engineer, but to become one, you must prepare well.

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