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Revision with TopperLearning Webinars

These days, students have so much on their plate that attending educational events or seminars that involve travelling can be too much for them. Thankfully, we have webinars today. In simple terms, webinars are seminars conducted online. Online education portals such as TopperLearning are utilising webinars to engage students in useful interactions for revision of concepts and more. Let’s understand the benefits of webinars in online education.


1. Convenience

Webinars are convenient for students to attend because students just need to allot time equal to the duration of the webinar that interests them. Students do not have to consider the time taken for travelling to and fro from their house. Also, there is no travelling cost involved as the webinar is held online.

Another thing to note is that webinars are conducted at timings that are more flexible for students. The hosts of the webinars do not have to keep the session in the morning or afternoon to make travelling convenient for students. Webinars can be conducted using Zoom, Skype, Hangouts or through other dedicated webinar platforms. So, it becomes easier for students to attend a webinar in the evening after their classes and other commitments of the day are over.


2. Learn important topics from experts

Webinars are online sessions of short duration conducted by experts. Subject experts who are located in different cities become accessible to students through an online platform with webinars. For students, it can be a session on the revision of important topics in Maths or Physics. IIT aspirants can benefit from webinars on time management tips for JEE or other JEE prep strategies.


3. Recorded sessions

One of the biggest advantages of webinars is that recorded sessions are quickly available for students who missed a session. This is invaluable if you are following a series of webinars on a specific topic and missed out a particular session due to other commitments. Recorded webinar sessions are also useful for revision of topics.


4. Ask doubts

If you attend a live seminar, you may not be able to ask questions because you are shy or there are a limited number of questions that the speaker can answer due to time limits. For webinars, your questions can be answered immediately by the webinar host. If there are limited participants, then you can ask questions through an audio or video feature.


In case there is a huge turnout for the webinar, most participant questions are answered through the chat interface. The webinar host reads your doubt from the chat window and answers your query during the session. Also, if there are more queries, the webinar host leaves an e-mail id for participants to send in their queries. Through webinars, students can also learn from the important doubts asked by other online participants.


5. Participate in a discussion

Webinars offer students a platform for discussion of important topics to help score better marks in the exams. You can speak about your challenges through the chat window, and other student participants would share their experiences of managing those challenges.


The expert who conducts the webinar will also monitor the discussion in the chat window. This way, additional topics are touched upon by the webinar host. The expert picks up the common problems listed by students from the chat conversation and offers suggestions on the best ways to deal with those challenges.


Webinars are a great way to revise exam topics and learn new strategies to score better marks in your exams. TopperLearning regularly conducts webinars on important topics to support students. To know more, click here or talk to our academic counselor @ 1800-212-5878.


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