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Are you scared of Maths?

In its efforts to reduce Maths exam stress for students, CBSE introduced the standard-level and basic-level exam choices for Class 10. If problems in Maths still give you nightmares, then take a look at the useful tips given in this article to study Maths online and prepare comfortably for topics in your CBSE Maths syllabus.


1. More practice

Maths is a difficult subject for many students because mugging up Maths solutions won’t help much to score marks. You have to understand the problem and apply the relevant formula to arrive at a solution. The secret to deal with Maths is practising more of it. Practising Maths problems will train your brain to figure out the logic for solving a problem.

While studying Maths, you may have problems with solving equations or plotting graphs. If equations are giving you sleepless nights, then practise different types of equations such as linear equations, quadratic equations etc. Practise plotting graphs until you feel comfortable doing them. Draw diagrams in geometry so many times that you become well-versed in them.


Repeated practice of difficult concepts will improve your ability to remember how you did it. Focus on the methods you use to answer questions to grasp concepts instead of copy-pasting answers without learning the concepts.


2. Improve your calculation skills

Most Maths problems require some level of calculation. To solve problems based on squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, matrices etc., your basic Mathematics should be strong. You will be able to solve answers quickly if you are good with tables up to 20.

To improve your Maths calculation skills, use opportunities to carry out calculation tasks in your daily life. It can be helping your parent with the household budget or calculating the mileage of your vehicle. Learn mental mathematics tricks. One of the common tricks to carry out basic calculations is rounding up numbers to add numbers quickly. For example, to add 348 + 520, you can consider 350 + 520, and then subtract 2 to get your quick calculation done mentally.



3. Build your focus

Since Maths isn’t your favourite subject, you may not take an interest in learning it. This can be one of the reasons why you are unable to concentrate in the classroom. You can study the concepts on your own by watching online video lectures. If you cover the concepts you didn’t understand in previous classes through self-study, you’ll be able to focus on advanced concepts when they are taught in class. Also, get enough sleep to build your concentration.


4. Learn concepts and formulas

Study the topics with high weightage in Maths. Calculus, 3D Geometry and Differential Equations are among the topics with the highest weightage in the CBSE Maths syllabus. This approach will help you to prepare for accurately answering questions which carry the maximum marks.

Maths homework help is available through formula sheets, topic notes and video lectures online. You can also ask questions in online student forums to clear your doubts. NCERT solutions for Maths can be used to study the concepts for each topic in your Mathematics syllabus.


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