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Pre-Board Assessment: Important Tips and Tricks

For any student, class 10 board examinations are some of the most crucial parts of their life. As a result, there is always a high pressure to perform well. The pre-board assessments are created to help you test your knowledge and understand the depth of your preparations. They further allow you to boost your performance. 

Here we will discuss the definition of pre-board examinations and their importance. We will also enlist some preparation tips to ace your pre-board examinations.

What are pre-board assessments?

Board examinations can be challenging. Students appearing for their board exams can have doubts regarding many factors, including their preparations. They will benefit greatly if they get a prior idea of how board examinations can be. Pre-board assessments are organised to help students.

Pre-board assessments are the examinations conducted for CBSE class 10 students before their actual board examinations. The pre-board assessments replicate the final examination to give students a taste of the board examinations.

Importance of Pre-Board Assessments

Pre-board assessments play multiple roles in preparing students.

Practice Sessions

The pre-board examinations act as the practice sessions before your actual board examination. They work as a demo experience that helps you understand the kind of question pattern you would be presented with, along with the pace of your writing needed to complete the examination and perform well. The pre-board assessments also guide you in understanding any difficulty you may face during the actual board examination. 

Fear Reduction

Being familiar with the question pattern and environment can reduce students' fear of board examinations. Sometimes even when you may be prepared well, the fear of the examination can increase anxiety and affect performance. In this aspect,  pre-board examinations help you familiarise yourself with the examinations' pace and the questions you will get. 

Preparation Tips for Pre-Board Assessments

Here are some tips to help you perform well at the pre-board assessments.

Complete the Entire Syllabus

Even for the pre-board examinations, you must complete the entire syllabus and be well-versed. You can answer all the questions easily and quickly only if you have covered all parts of the syllabus. The more knowledge you have about the lessons and syllabus, the better you will perform.

Make an Effective Study plan and Stick With it

Even before the pre-board assessments, you will need a good study plan to map out your study hours and prioritise the subjects you struggle with. Making the study plan will be easier than sticking with it. In the beginning, you may have more difficulty, but with time, you will be able to focus better and follow the study hours without any exhaustion or confusion. 

Identify Weak Points and Work on Them

If you are aiming for the CBSE pre-board examination in 2022, you must work on your weak points as soon as you discover them. You will be in trouble if you don't improve your weak points and get questions from there during the final examination. You will get nervous during the exam and may score poorly. Even after the pre-board assessment, you may discover new weak points, and it is also necessary to work on them no matter how little time you think you have. 


Pre-board examinations are an important aspect of every student’s life. It is because the performance in your pre-boards gives you an estimate of your performance in the actual board examination. To best prepare for your board exams, you can take TopperLearning’s pre-board assessments. 

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