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Pencil Holder from a Water Bottle

Why purchase an expensive pencil holder when you can make it yourself! Take a look at the ways to make a pencil holder from a plastic water bottle.




Water Bottle


Craft Paper


Paint Brush/Crayons





Take a plastic water bottle and cut it in the middle. The neck part of the bottle isn’t useful, so keep it aside and take the other part of the bottle.



-Get some colourful craft papers and start sticking it on the outside surface of the bottle. The layers of the craft paper will not only make your pencil holder look appealing but will also add weight to the bottle. Let the glue dry.



-Don’t forget to stick the craft paper at the base of the bottle. Be careful while making the base; it should be even, else it would be difficult to balance your pencil holder.



-Now, it’s time to pick up your paint brush and colours. Make full use of your creativity and decorate your pencil holder.




-Allow your creation to dry. Your brand new pencil holder is ready!

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