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Special Gift Ideas for Father's Day


Special Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Frankly, there's no special occasion needed to show affection to our parents. However, if you wanted to gift something to your dad, what can be a better occasion than Father's Day.

By Admin 29th May, 2014 07:12 pm

Frankly, there’s no special occasion needed to show affection to our parents. However, if you wanted to gift something to your dad, what can be a better occasion than Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June. This time it’s falling on 15 June. Take a look at some important gifts which you can gift your father.



Spend Time with your Dad

If your dad is free on the day, then you can spend the entire day with him. You can go to the movies with him, play games and do things together. Remember, the best thing which you can gift someone is your time!



Remember that book your dad always wanted to read but never got the time to buy! Go ahead and buy that book for him. He will definitely like your thoughtfulness.



Gifting a wallet is another good idea. A wallet may be one of the things your dad frequently uses. You can gift him a nice wallet of your choice. He will find it cute.


Handmade Card

If your dad doesn’t like materialistic gifts, then you can go for creative ones. Make a nice ‘Thank You’ or ‘Love You’ card. He will not only admire your efforts but will also keep it as a prized possession.



Photo Frame/Photo Collage

A photo frame is also a great idea for this day. A photo frame with a family photo or a photo collage of your dad can qualify as an excellent gift. Moreover, it will always be placed near him.



Research on your dad’s clothing sense and gift him some nice clothes. For example, a shirt of his favourite colour may be all it takes to impress him.


Chocolate Treat

If your dad has a sweet tooth, nothing can be a better gift than gifting him a box full of chocolates. Believe us! He will love it.  We know it’s hard to gift chocolates, but you’ll have to control your temptations!



If you know a little bit of cooking, then you can cook something special for your dad. You can make Father’s Day special snacks for your dad. Be careful while cooking, and do it under the complete guidance of your mother.



Get creative and write a beautiful poem for your dad. Don’t copy from somewhere, just put in your thoughts. Even if it’s not perfect, your dad will like it. After all, he knows that you are a budding poet.

You see, it hardly takes any effort to impress your sweet father. Go ahead and plan a perfect Father’s Day!


Pratibha Yadav

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