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MSB Class 10 Science and Technology: Important Concepts

The subject of Science and Technology comprises of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In this article, we present the most important concepts to study.

Important Topics for MSB Class 10 Physics:

Chapter 4: The Electric Spark 

  • Unit and Definition of Electric Current
  • Electrical Symbols (Objective questions)
  • Ohm’s Law 
  • Numerical based on Ohm’s Law 
  • Electric Potential Difference 
  • Resistors in Series and Parallel 
  • Joule’s Law 
  • Electric Power (Mostly Numericals) 

 Chapter 5: All About Electromagnetism 

  • Properties of Magnetic Field Lines
  • Magnetic Field due to a Straight Current-Carrying Conductor and Right-Hand Thumb Rule
  • Magnetic Field due to a Current-Carrying Circular Coil and Solenoid
  • Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule and Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule
  • Working of Electric Generator

 Chapter 6: Wonders of Light – Part I

  • Laws of Reflection
  • Terms and Sign Conventions Related to Spherical Mirror and Lenses
  • Rules for tracing images formed by Spherical Mirrors and Lenses with Ray Diagrams
  • Numerical Problems and Practical based questions on Mirror Formula and Lens Formula, Power of Lens
  • Ray Diagrams for Image Formation by Spherical Mirror and Lenses.
  • Functions of Various Parts of Human Eye with Diagram
  • Defects of Vision and their Correction
  • Numerical Problems based on Nature of Lens and Power required to correct the Eye Defects.

 Chapter 7: Wonders of Light – Part II

  • Laws of Refraction
  • Definition and Numericals based on Refractive Index
  • Phenomena caused due to Atmospheric Refraction
  • Dispersion and Scattering of Light and their Applications in Daily Life

Important Topics for MSB Class 10 Chemistry:

 Chapter 1: School of Elements

  • Dobereiner’s Triads
  • Newlands’ Law of Octaves
  • Mendeleev’s Periodic Table (Features, Merits, Demerits)
  • Modern Periodic Table
  • Position of Elements in the Periodic Table
  • Position of hydrogen in modern periodic table
  • Trends in the Modern Periodic Table (atomic size, valency, metallic and non-metallic properties)

Chapter 2: The Magic of Chemical Reactions

  • Steps involved in Balancing a Chemical Equation
  • Types of Chemical Reactions
  • Combination reaction
  • Decomposition reaction (Thermal Decomposition and Photochemical Reaction)
  • Exothermic and Endothermic Reaction
  • Double decomposition reaction
  • Displacement reaction
  • Double displacement reaction
  • Oxidation and Reduction reaction (Redox)
  • Reversible reaction
  • Oxidation in and Around You – Corrosion, Rancidity and Antioxidants

Chapter 3: The Acid Base Chemistry

  • Indicators
  • Strength of Acids and Bases: pH Scale
  • Importance of pH in Everyday Life
  • Reaction of Acids and Bases with Metals
  • Reaction of Metal Carbonates and Bicarbonates with Acids
  • Reaction of Acids and Bases - Neutralisation     
  • Reaction of Metallic Oxides with Acids
  • Reaction of Non-Metallic Oxides with Base
  • Ionization of Acids and Bases
  • Family of Salts, its chemical name, chemical formula, preparation and uses.
  • Water Of Crystallization
  • Soap as a Salt

 Chapter 8: Understanding Metals and Non-metals

  • Chemical Properties of Metals
  • Reaction of Metals with Oxygen
  • Amphoteric Nature
  • Reaction of Metals with Water
  • Reaction of Metals with Acids
    • Reactivity Series
    • Reactions of Metals with Solutions of other Metal Salts
    • Reaction of Metals with Chlorine
    • Formation and Properties of Ionic Compounds
    • Mineral & Ores
    • Minerals, Ores, Gangue, Metallurgy can be asked in the form of Definition/1 Mark question/2 Marks Question/In the 5 Mark SAQ
      • Extraction of Metals (Less reactive, Moderately reactive, Highly reactive)
      • Concentration of ore (Enrichment of ore)
      • Conversion of the concentrated ore into metal
      • Refining (purification ) of the impure metal
      • Bayer process
      • Hall Heroult process
        • Corrosion
        • Corrosion and its Prevention

 Chapter 9: Amazing World of Carbon Compounds

  • Bonding in Carbon
  • Classification of Hydrocarbons
  • Versatile Nature of Carbon (Tetravalency and Catenation)
  • Allotropes of Carbon
  • Isomerism
  • Functional Groups
  • Homologous Series
  • Nomenclature of Carbon Compounds
  • Chemical Properties of Carbon Compounds
    • Combustion reaction
    • Addition Reaction
    • Substitution Reaction
    • Some Important Carbon Compounds – Ethanol and Ethanoic Acid
    • Soaps and Detergents
      • Esterification and Saponification reactions
      • Cleansing action of soaps and detergents

 Important Topics for MSB Class 10 Biology:

Chapter 10: Life's Internal Secrets

  • Nutrition in Plants – Photosynthesis
  • Nutrition in Animals – Digestion in Humans
  • Respiration in Humans
  • Circulatory System in Humans
  • Excretion in Humans

Chapter 11: The Regulators of Life

  • Movements in Plants
  • Human Nervous System
  • Voluntary and Involuntary Actions
  • Reflex Action
  • Chemical Coordination in Animals

Chapter 12: The Life Cycle

  • Modes of Asexual Reproduction
  • Sexual Reproduction in Plants
  • Reproductive System in Humans
  • Sexual Reproduction in Humans
  • Reproductive Health – Need for Family Planning

Chapter 13: Mapping Our Genes

  • Mendel’s Experiments on Inheritance – Monohybrid and Dihybrid crosses
  • Origin of Life
  • Darwin’s theory of Evolution
  • Evidences of Evolution

Chapter 14: Striving For Better Environment (Part I)

  • Air, Water and Noise Pollution – Sources, Effects and Control Measures
  • Abatement of Pollution

Chapter 15: Striving For Better Environment (Part II)

  • Use of Efficient and Eco-friendly Technology
  • Sustainable Use of Resources
  • Enforcement of Environment Protection Acts, Laws and Policies

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