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Exam Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Biology Theory

Here we list some important tips that will help you prepare for your Biology exam.
  • Many CBSE exam questions are directly picked up from the NCERT textbook. So, be thorough with the exercise questions given at the end of every chapter.

  • Create a study schedule giving time to scoring topics and subjects you are weak in. Begin with easier chapters and gradually proceed to topics which you find more difficult. With basics brushed up, even the most difficult topics will seem easier later.

  • Biology is a content-heavy course and will require multiple readings. Make point-wise summaries in your own words for important topics.

  • For lengthy concepts or answers, use mnemonics, such as a formula or a rhyme, which will aid in remembering them.

  • Learn and memorise difficult terminologies. However, do not cram them. Split technical terms for better understanding. Example: To remember the term ‘karyokinesis’, split the word into karyo (meaning nucleus) and kinesis (meaning synthesis).

  • Get thorough with the important definitions as the subject is mostly theory.

  • Diagrams are an important feature of Biology. Practice drawing proportionate diagrams. All the diagrams should be neat and well-labelled. Highlight key features in the diagrams which will help you fetch good marks.

  • Practise the crosses related to Mendelian genetics thoroughly. Create mind maps along with flash cards of important diagrams, terminologies and monohybrid and dihybrid crosses. They will form images which will be difficult to erase, thus making the task of remembering easier.

  • Study the processes related to molecular biology such as DNA replication, transcription and translation very well. Flowcharts and cycles can be a good way to learn lengthy processes which might otherwise seem too difficult to learn.

  • A five-mark question is always asked from the Ecology and Environment and Genetics and Evolution units. Students must prepare these two units thoroughly.

  • One numerical from Genetics and Evolution is always asked in the 3 marks questions. Attempt numerical problems as they are easy and concept based.

  • Try to include examples and diagrams while attempting questions.

  • Revise the course at least 3 times before the exams. Shift your focus towards the revision of chapters you already know by solving past-year question papers.

  • On the day of the exam, do not worry about the chapters you have not covered well. Most chapters do not carry more than 4−5 marks in the CBSE question paper. So, you will still be equipped with enough preparation to get good scores!

List of Important Diagrams:

  • L.S. of a flower
  • T.S. of young anther
  • Structure of pollen grain
  • L.S. of embryo
  • Diagrammatic sectional views of male and female reproductive systems
  • Structure of sperm and ovary
  • Structure of tRNA
  • E. coli cloning vector pBR322
  • Simple stirred-tank bioreactor
  • Sparged stirred-tank bioreactor

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