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Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Board Exam 2023 Post Paper Analysis Science Part 1 (17th March)

The Maharashtra Board Class 10 exams 2023 conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE), commonly referred to as the SSC exams, are in full swing. For the academic year 2022-23, 15,77,256 candidates appeared for the SSC examinations.

After a pretty good Mathematics Paper II held on 15th March, students must have been a bit relaxed as they got a one-day gap for gearing up for today’s Science & Technology Paper I (17th March 2023).

So, let’s quickly analyse the structure and core elements of SSC Science and Technology Paper-I.

Question Paper Structure

The Science and Technology Paper-I comprised 40 marks, and the time allotted for the paper was 2 hours. The questions were distributed as follows: 

Question No.

Total Number of Sub-questions

Questions to be attempted


Q.1 (A)



1 mark each

Q.1 (B)



1 mark each

Q.2 (A)


Any 2

2 marks each

Q.2 (B)


Any 3

2 marks each



Any 5

3 marks each



Any 1

5 marks

Exam Review and Analysis

Science and Technology Paper-I comprises of Physics and Chemistry chapters. Let’s see the chapter-wise marks distribution for SSC Science & Technology Paper – I.


The chapter-wise distribution of marks was according to the usual pattern with a variation of 2%. The highest weightage was given to chapter ‘Carbon compounds’, which was asked for 8 marks on the board paper. Chapters ‘Periodic Classification of elements’ and ‘Effect of the electric current’ had equal weightage. They were asked for 7 marks each in the paper.

Diagram-based questions were asked from chapters on the Refraction of light, Lenses and the Electric effect of electric current. Only two questions from chapter ‘Space Mission’ were asked for 3 marks in the paper. Numerical-based questions were asked from chapter ‘Gravitation’.

So, Science Paper - I was a scoring paper for students who were regular with their learning of concepts and had practised sample papers.

Watch Maharashtra State Board Class 10 (SSC) Science & Technology Part 1 Post Paper Analysis detailed explanation-


Overall, Science & Technology Paper I was easy and lengthy. Now, without worrying too much about this paper, students should buckle up for their next Science & Technology Paper – II, exam, which will be held on 20th March 2023.

Team TopperLearning wishes you all the best! For any exam–related help and queries, you can visit TopperLearning. For more paper reviews and exam–related updates, stay tuned.

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