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ICSE Class 10 Board Exam 2023 Post Paper Analysis Physics (17th March)

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) successfully conducted the ICSE Class 10 Physics (Science Paper 1) Theory Paper today, 17th March 2023. Students gave mixed reactions after the completion of today’s paper. The question paper structure was as per the specimen paper presented by CISCE on their official website.

So, here we decode the ICSE Class 10 Physics paper 2023 with its final review and analysis. 

Question Paper Structure

For the academic year 2022-23, ICSE returned to its original annual examination pattern based on the entire syllabus.

The ICSE 10 Physics theory paper was 80 marks and divided into sections, Section A (40 marks) and Section B (40 marks), for which 2 hours were allotted. 

In Section A, all questions were compulsory. Section A had three main questions, which were comprised of MCQ-type and SAQ-type questions.

Section B had six questions, of which students were required to attempt any four questions of their choice.

Exam Review and Analysis

Unit wise Marks distribution – 2023 (including options)


Chapter wise Marks Distribution – 2023(including options)


 From the above graphical analysis, it's clear that the highest weightage is given to units 'Light' and 'Force, Work, Power and Energy'. From unit 'Light', maximum questions were asked from chapter Spectrum. Equal weightage was given to the chapters Work, Energy, Power, and Machines which were asked for 10 marks each. The chapter' Household circuits' from the unit a of 'Electricity' was given the least weightage. In contrast, chapters' Current Electricity' and 'Electromagnetism' were asked for 10 marks and 8 marks, respectively.

Students and Expert's Feedback

Based on the interactions we had with the students and experts, here is the feedback on the paper

  • We got some mixed reactions from students. According to some students, even though no questions were out of the syllabus, they found the paper tricky and of a moderate level. At the same time, some said the exam was easy but lengthy. 
  • Students found there were more diagram-based questions asked in the paper. 
  • Students found numerical questions more straightforward, but calculations were lengthy.
  • According to experts, the one with a good hold over the concepts would find these questions easier.
  • The paper's difficulty level was similar to that of the ICSE Physics Specimen Paper, and some students felt glad that they solved it.

Some questions were of moderate level and needed detailed conceptual understanding. Students with thorough knowledge of the units' Force, Work, Energy and Power', 'Light' and 'Electricity and Magnetism' would find this paper to be very scoring.

Watch ICSE Class 10 Physics Post Paper Analysis detailed explanation-



All in all, the paper was of moderate level, and it made for a great scoring opportunity for students who were regular with their learning of concepts and practising with sample papers and past year papers.

And now, it's time to shift the focus to chemical equations and formulae, as the Chemistry (Science Paper 2) exam is to be held on 20th March 2023. Team TopperLearning wishes you all the very best! For more paper reviews and exam updates, stay tuned.

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