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Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Algebra Post-Paper Analysis

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education conducted the Mathematics, Algebra – Paper I exam for students ofClass 10 today. About 17 lakh students all over the state appeared for their SSC board Algebra exam paper, the first of the most feared subjects after appearing for their language papers before this.After the ‘very easy’ language papers, students were both curious and anxious about this paper. Thankfully, this paper was easy and not difficult as was expected.

Question Paper Structure•

  • The question paper was segregated into 4 different sets –A, B, C and D
  • However, questions in all these sets were more or less the same
  • The paper consisted of questions worth 60 marks,and students had to attempt questions for 40 marks.
  •  The question paper had a total of five major questions.
  • Question 1 included all the one-mark questions, and students had to attempt any 5 questions from 6 questions. 
  • Question 2 had 6 questions of 2 marks each. Students had to answer any 4 of them.
  • Question 3 consisted of questions of 3 marks each, and students had the option of solving any 3 questions out of 5. 
  • Similarly, in Questions 4 and 5, students had to attempt any 2 questions out of 3. 
  • The only difference between these two was that Question 4 had questions of 4 marks, whereas Question 5 had questions of 5 marks.   

Chapter-wise Weightage Distribution

As you would know that the Maharashtra State Board syllabus for Class 10 changed for this academic year 2018–19. In this light, let us quickly review the Algebra - Paper I held today withthe current syllabus.  The pie chart below shows the chapter-wise split, weightage of the question paper last year (2017).

While below is the pie chart of the 2018 paper.



Comparing both charts, we observe that except for Arithmetic Progression, all other chapters had a different marks distribution this year.

Most of the chapters had almost the same weightage for this exam, which is wonderful as students usually find it difficult if there would have been any major change in the weightage distribution.

Students found the Statistics and Probability part easy to answer and hence scoring. Two charts were asked from the chapter Statistics II.

The paper was designed in the usual manner, and no ‘out of syllabus’ questions were asked. Students who regularly practised solving sums, dedicatedly did their calculations and religiously plotted graphs during their study sessions will find that scoring full marks in this Algebra paper was easy.

The Maharashtra State Board Algebra exam for Class 10 was not at all lengthy, and we hope most students were able to finish the paper on time.

Team TopperLearning wishes you all the best for your upcoming SSC Class 10 examinations!

Stay tuned for similar updates on the upcoming exams.

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