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Last Minute Preparation Tips for IIT JEE

Exam Special

Last Minute Preparation Tips for IIT JEE

Here are some last minute preparation tips which you must keep in mind while preparing for IIT JEE.

By Pratibha Yadav 31st Mar, 2015 06:15 pm

Cracking IIT JEE isn’t easy. One needs to work really hard to score good marks. Now that IIT JEE is approaching, you need to pull up your socks and think only about IIT JEE. Here are some last minute preparation tips which you must keep in mind while preparing for IIT JEE.


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No New Topics: Last minute revisions should never include new topics. As there’s hardly any time for the exam, starting a new topic will only delay your preparations. So, revise what you’ve been studying so far.

Practice is the Key to Success: If you’re preparing for IIT JEE, you need to practise a lot. Solve IIT JEE question papers and AIEEE papers, so that you’re thoroughly prepared with everything. Practise formulae and difficult problems so that you don’t forget them during the exams.

Understand the Basics: IIT JEE is all about testing your basics. All the questions are based on the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. So, brush your concepts during your last minute preparations.

Work on your Time Management:  The IIT JEE paper is a three-hour paper with three sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You’ve to dedicate one hour for each section. Focus on your time management skills so that when the final paper arrives, you know how to distribute your time.

Keep Calm: With so much pressure, our mind tends to get stressed up. Stay calm; stressing won’t help you at all. Take breaks and do things which can help you drive away last minute jitters.

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