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Kinds of Friends You Surely Meet in High School

High school is a special time in our lives. It is part of our growing up years and we meet different people who add to the variety in our friend list. When you are past your high school phase, these friends find a place in your memories and add to the nostalgia. The kinds of friends you find in high school are never found anywhere else in life. Here is a funny take on friends you come across in high school.


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The Smartest of the Smart: Let us just say these kinds of friends are super smart by birth. Most of the classes in school are just between them and teachers. Full of doubts, they are the top rankers, always first to answer questions. Sometimes, we wonder – do they really need schooling? There should be a special curriculum for such people as they can learn everything in just a few years. However, these kinds of friends are of great help during tests. Not to forget their company surely turns some heads!

The Bully: Hate them, love them, but you cannot ignore them. They are one of the most hated people in class. In fact, we must say that they are the most intelligent lot, as they are always coming up with innovative ideas to bully people. The best day of school is the day they are absent.

One who Can but Does Not: Such friends have the potential to do better in academics but are equally lazy. For them, academics is just another part of growing up. They never take studies seriously. Some us do not even have the option to be lazy!

Extra-Curricular Master: This friend knows everything about extra-curricular activities. He is the first to participate in everything and win competitions. So much so that the teacher has to tell him to finally stop and concentrate on studies!

Popular One: We all have that one very popular friend, and not just because of academics. He is an all-rounder and works his way out through his charm. A mere mention of his name solves half of the problems in school. Well, not really? But his popularity indeed has a say sometimes.

The Selfish Being: This particular being never shares food, never offers help and lives in a small own world. Hope they grow up to be generous individuals.

Fighters: This lot is always ready to fight. Make sure you are in their good books. Their animosity can be tough to handle.

The Creative Head: This friend always plays with colours. Creativity is in his blood. You will always find him sketching or doing something creative. These are the socially useful friends you run to for your SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) projects.

Social Beings: They mingle with anyone and everyone. Communication is never a problem for them. They are the favourite of teachers and our parents too. Socialising just comes easy to them.  The way they impress our parents is mind blowing. How come we do not have that art?

Complain Box: This friend is friend just for namesake. He is the first to complain about everyone. He sits with us but is always on the teacher’s side. Be careful not to discuss your plans in front of him; it will surely reach the teacher’s ears. He is not less than a spy in class.


Whatsoever may be the case, all these kind of friends make school life happening and its memories sweeter.

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