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Jamsetji Tata: Pioneer Industrialist who founded the Tata Group

Take a look at some amazing facts about the pioneering Industrialist of India.

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1. Jamsetji Tata was born on 3 March 1839 at Navsari, Gujarat. At the age of 14, he enrolled at Elphinstone College, Mumbai, and completed his education as a ‘Green Scholar’, an equivalent to graduation.

2. Right after graduation, Jamsetji whole-heartedly started working in his father’s business. In 1859, he went to Hong Kong to expand his father’s business. He remained there for four years to fulfil his father’s dream of setting up a branch of Tata & Company there.

3. By 1863, there were Tata branches not only in Hong Kong but also in Japan and China. After his success endeavours in Asia, Jamsetji travelled to Europe wherein he faced a lot of difficulties in the initial stages.

4. Jamsetji’s motive behind his tour to England was not only to widen his father’s export business reach but also to set up an Indian bank in London. However, the establishment of the Indian bank proved to be disastrous because it was not an apt time for the banking sector.

5. Jamsetji always gave high importance to the welfare of the employees in Tata & Sons.

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