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ICSE Class 10 Specimen Papers Uploaded for 2024 - Check New type of Questions and Paper Pattern Changes

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) released the specimen papers for Class 10 of the year 2024. Students can download the paper from the CISCE website. Papers for all subjects have been uploaded on the website.

With the latest specimen papers, ICSE has finally incorporated the recommendations made by National Education Policy 2020.

Students can access the updated learning materials based on the latest specimen papers on TopperLearning which will be available soon.

Major Changes in 2024 ICSE Specimen Papers

Modifications have been made to the paper pattern, types of questions and the introduction of critical thinking questions. No changes have been made to the total number of questions, sections or question choices.

Let’s take a look at the key changes observed in the following subjects.

  • Mathematics
    Assertion Reasoning questions have been introduced for the first time in class 10 Mathematics.
    Statement combination-type questions, which were already a part of the CBSE syllabus, have been added by CISCE board to the specimen papers.
    Students can check out the solved specimen paper for Maths with step-wise solutions to learn how to solve the newly added questions.
  • Science
    Image-based case study questions carrying 3 marks are the newest addition to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Statement combination and indirect questions have also been introduced in these subjects.
  • Social Studies
    Image and source based 10 mark questions and MCQs have been introduced for the first time in History and Civics.
  • English Literature
    English literature has undergone significant changes, with a shift towards dialogue-based narratives, sequential events, character mood, and the use of indirect questions through literary devices.

Why Introduce Application-Based Questions?

CISCE had been planning to introduce critical thinking questions in the curriculum for a while now to abide by the NEP 2020 recommendations. It was decided that application-based questions, newly added to the paper, would help students avoid rote learning and increase conceptual understanding of topics. These changes aim to develop high-order thinking and critical thinking skills among students to boost the learning process and allow students to form meaningful connections between concepts.


The latest changes included in the ICSE class 10 specimen paper give an idea of the type of questions the students should expect in the 2024 ICSE exam. Students can start preparing for these questions by referring to the latest study materials provided on TopperLearning. Assertion reasoning questions, case study-based questions, and bank of competence are already available for CBSE and will soon be available based on the ICSE curriculum. With TopperLearning's study resources, students can practise the newly added questions thoroughly and gain the confidence to face them in exams with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Where can I download ICSE Specimen Papers Class 10 for 2024?

Ans: Students can download the latest ICSE specimen papers for class 10 by visiting the TopperLearning website. Here is a direct link to the specimen papers and their solutions - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

Q 2. How can I prepare for the ICSE board exam with the 2024 specimen papers?

Ans: After completing the ICSE syllabus, solve the specimen papers provided by CISCE. Solving the papers will give students an idea of the type of questions they can expect in the exam. Students can then head on to TopperLearning and solve sample papers, the most important questions, practice tests, and other study resources to incorporate thorough practice and score good marks on the exam.

Q 3. What is the marks division for the 2024 ICSE board exams?

Ans: For the ICSE exams in 2023-2024, 80% of the total marks will be based on the final exam results, while the remaining 20% will be based on the marks obtained in internal assessments.

Q 4. How can I practice the new types of questions introduced in the ICSE Class 10 specimen papers for 2024?

Ans: TopperLearning will soon upload sample papers and study resources based on the new specimen papers, which the students can solve to incorporate sufficient practice for the exams.

Meanwhile, since there are several types of questions in the ICSE sample papers which were already a part of the CBSE syllabus, you can start by solving CBSE sample papers, assertion reasoning questions, case study questions, and other study materials to learn the basics and incorporate daily practice.

Q 5. Are there any resources available to help practice these new pattern questions for each subject based on these new specimen papers?

Ans: Students can practice the new assertion reasoning, case study, statement combination, and other newly added questions by solving sample papers on TopperLearning. Moreover, they can also solve CBSE class 10 study resources to get an idea of the new questions since they have already been a part of the CBSE curriculum for years.

Q 6. Are there any changes in the marking scheme or syllabus for ICSE Class 10 board exams this year?

Ans: ICSE has not made any changes in the marking scheme. Students will have to sit for an 80 marks final exam and will get the rest 20 marks from the internal assessment and project work. The syllabus has also remained unchanged for now. Students can check out the latest ICSE class 10 syllabus on TopperLearning.

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