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CBSE Class 10 Assertion and Reasoning Questions

CBSE Class 10 Assertion and reasoning questions is a question type that consists of two statements “Assertion” statement, and the other is a “reason” statement. Students will have to read and absorb the assertion and reason statements to understand the concept discussed. Based on understanding, students must make the correct choice from the options given in the question.

Students usually rush through the tests and make errors or take more time to solve problems. It is highly recommended not to hurry and carefully read the statements and make points or mental notes to qualify or disqualify a statement. It is essential to evaluate the given statements of assertion and reason questions for CBSE class 10 independently to figure out the correct answer.

Students will observe that the reason statement provides the correct explanation for the given assertion statement and vice versa if students are aware and clear of the concepts. Logical and conceptual thinking is very much required to attempt these questions.

We strongly recommend learners practice CBSE Class 10 Biology Assertion and Reasoning Questions, practice a lot of CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Assertion and Reasoning Questions and solve logical questions based on CBSE Class 10 Physics Assertion and Reasoning Questions.

Students also must go through the bank of CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Assertion and Reasoning Questions and practice the questions to improve their skills.


We have also included the Chapter-wise list of Assertion-Reasoning questions for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Science in the Sample paper section of the website. Practice the chapter-wise CBSE Class 10 Science Assertion and Reasoning Questions and CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Assertion and Reasoning Questions.

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Science Assertion and Reasoning Qs


Maths Assertion and Reasoning Qs

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