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ICSE Class 10 MCQs: A Complete Guide to Ace Your Exams

Class 10 Board Exams bring a strong urge to score the best possible marks and secure a place in the topper list. Students do their best to excel in their studies and appear on the school leaderboard. The national exam examines the child's competitive edge and helps them analyse their position in the country.

Students with a serious aim to excel in the exam must familiarise themselves with the syllabus, exam pattern marks, weightage of each topic, question type, and the number of questions. The exam is held once per year in offline mode. The answer sheets are checked by external examiners, eliminating the chance for partial marking. The aggregate score is used to calculate the percentage scored in the examination. This guide will help you understand the type of paper to expect in the exam and the significance of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Class 10.

Subject Choice for ICSE Class 10 Exam

Students must know the categories and choose a subject. The students must solve 7 subject question papers weighing 100 marks to qualify for the ICSE examination. The choice of subjects will be based on the below-mentioned categories:

Group I

Group II

Group III

English, History, Civics, and Geography, A second language

Mathematics, Economics, Commercial Studies, a Modern Foreign and Classical language, Environmental Science, and Science, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Computer Applications, Commercial Applications, Economic Applications, Art, Performing Arts, Home Science, Fashion Designing, Cookery, Physical Education, Yoga, Environmental Applications, Technical Drawing Applications, Hospitality Management, Mass Media and Communication, Beauty and Wellness: Skin and Beauty and Beauty and Wellness: Hair and Styling

Question Type in Class 10 Board Examination

The exam pattern includes subjective answer questions, objective answer questions, and Multiple choice or MCQ questions for class 10 ICSE. The MCQs weigh 1 mark each, and their frequency is around 15 for each paper. The number of objectives and subjective questions varies in each paper. Objective questions are also of one mark and are asked to name the following, select the odd one out, and match columns. Subjective questions require short and long descriptive answers depending on the marks. They are two, three, and four marks.

Strategies to Ace Multiple Choice Questions

Students must work on strategies to effortlessly solve Multiple Choice Questions:

●       Read the questions carefully and consciously. Often students commit mistakes when they read the questions in a hurry.

●       Eliminate the wrong options. Do this by removing completely unrelated options according to the question.

●       Choose the most probable answers according to the questions and then re-read the question for the correct answer.

●       Formulate a strategy to reduce time consumption in Multiple Choice Questions.

●       Practice solving multiple choice questions via sample papers, previous years’ question papers, and mock tests.


The key to excelling in board examinations and utilising maximum potential is practice. It should be a well-conscious and open-minded effort where the focus should be on time management, understanding weaknesses and strengths, and creating a strategy for efficient time utilisation. Practise subjective, objective, and multiple-choice questions to clear class 10 ICSE with flying colours. 

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