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ICSE Class 10 History and Civics Board Exam 2024 Post Paper Analysis - 26th February

The examinations by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Board (ICSE board) for class 10 students started on the 21st of February, 2024. The third examination for the 2023-2024 session was conducted today, on 26th February. The History and Civics (HCG Paper-I) exam started at 11 am. It was a 2-hour long exam that concluded at 1 pm with an extra 15 minutes as reading time at the start. The CISCE examinations are being conducted at more than 2000 schools in India and other countries that have schools registered under the ICSE board. Approximately 2 lakh students are appearing for the class 10 ICSE board exams. 

After successfully appearing for the English examinations, the students were ready to appear for the History and Civics paper with full confidence. The major discussions among the students were related to the time duration and the length of the question paper. According to the students, the exam paper was of easy to moderate difficulty and was not quite lengthy. The students easily managed within the allotted time. 

Let us take a detailed look at the ICSE class 10 History and Civics exam paper. 

Question Paper Structure

History and Civics (HCG Paper-I) for ICSE class 10 students accounts for a total of 100 marks. The paper is divided into two parts: the theory paper of two hours, which accounts for 80 marks, and the internal assessment of 20 marks, which includes project work and viva voce. Here, we are going to break down the former paper, which was conducted on 26th February 2024.

The History and Civics (HCG Paper-I) 2023-2024 examination followed the standard ICSE board pattern that includes different types of questions from the prescribed textbook based on the syllabus for the academic year. Let us have a look at the paper structure.

The exam paper was completely aligned with the sample paper published by CISCE. Given the ICSE board examination paper pattern, the History and Civics paper consisted of two sections: 

Part I was the compulsory section, which was a total of 30 marks. It included two questions:

Question 1 consisted of MCQ-based questions for 16 marks.

Question 2 consisted of short answer-type questions for 14 marks.

Part II was the optional section, which had questions for a total of 50 marks. Students needed to attempt five questions from this part. It consisted of two subsections:

Section A consisted of reference-based or picture-based questions from the Civics syllabus with 3 sub-questions. There were three questions, each of 10 marks. Students were required to attempt any two questions from this section.

Section B consisted of reference-based and picture-based questions from the History syllabus with 3 sub-questions. There were five questions in this section, each of 10 marks. Students were required to attempt any three questions from this section.

Following this, we are going to understand the ICSE Class 10 History and Civics (HCG Paper-I) exam paper with all its elements and the marks distributed on each topic.

Question Paper Analysis

On the basis of the reviews gained from the students and subject experts, here is a tabulated analysis of the ICSE class 10 History and Civics exam paper.



Overall, Paper Analysis

Overall difficulty level

Easy to Moderate

Was the paper lengthy?


Overall expected good score


Difficulty level of Part I

Easy to Moderate

Expected good score in Part I


Difficulty level of Part II


Expected good score in Part II


Difficulty level of Section A


Expected good score in Section A


Difficulty level of Section B

Easy to Moderate

Expected good score in Section B


Distribution of Marks

The ICSE Class 10 History and Civics (HCG Paper-I) exam paper has a standard pattern of distribution of marks.

Question Number

Maximum Marks

Part I

30 marks

Question 1

16 marks

Question 2

14 marks

Part II

50 marks

Section A

30 marks

Question 3

10 marks

Question 4

10 marks

Question 5

10 marks

Section B

50 marks

Question 6

10 marks

Question 7

10 marks

Question 8

10 marks

Question 9

10 marks

Question 10

10 marks

Total Question to attempt: 7 questions

Total marks: 80 marks

Student Feedback

  • The overall paper was of moderate difficulty.
  • There was a mixture of lengthy and easy questions.
  • Question 1 was slightly time-consuming for the students.
  • Part II was very easy for the students.

Expert Feedback

  • The paper was easy and not time-consuming.
  • The structure of the exam paper was the same as the specimen provided.
  • The syllabus was nicely covered in the entire paper.
  • Students can easily score good marks if they have thoroughly gone through the chapters and studied accordingly.


Today was the third examination for the ICSE board class 10 students. The History and Civics (HCG Paper-I) was said to have an easy to moderate difficulty level for the students. The syllabus was covered well in different parts of the question paper. The marks were well distributed on the significance of the topic. History and civics, along with geography examinations, have an essential weightage in the final percentage for the ICSE class 10 board. Many students aim to score good marks in these subjects to get a good overall percentage in class 10 board examinations. Students who were thorough with the chapters in the syllabus and had practiced and revised well could easily score 60+ marks in this examination. 

The ICSE board examinations for class 10 students started on 21st February and are going to end on 28th March. History and Civics (HCG Paper-I) was just the third examination. There are many important subject examinations coming up. Geography (HCG Paper-II) will be the next examination on 28th February. 

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