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How to Top the Class 10 ICSE Exam

How to Top the Class 10 ICSE Exam

The syllabus of Class 10 ICSE consists of diverse topics. You have multiple chapters and few ways to finish them. Previous Year Question Papers are the most popular option that students choose to achieve their set marks in the exam. Most will gradually move to practising with Class 10 ICSE Sample Papers after that, largely for better performance. But that’s actually not where the groundwork for the exam ends. So what else should be done to top the exam? Which practice tool will be best for preparation? The truth is sample papers and previous year question papers both are effective but should be followed with an accurate timetable. Each has only one specific objective – providing the exact paper setting so that you can meet your target. If you do not practise with the question pattern that has been followed so far, you may face anxiety during the exam. But before that you must have a precise schedule to follow so that you put equal time in studying and practising.

Here are the most proven study tips which have been designed by TopperLearning academic experts to top the Class 10 ICSE exam.

Tips to score more marks in Science:


  • Prepare the list of formulae according to the syllabus and attach it at a place where it is easily visible to you.
  • Maintain the relation between units, quantities and their units in an organised manner in a separate notebook.
  • Allot a set time where you can practise all the conceptual diagrams. Remember that your answer sheet has to be presentable with neat diagrams, and you can achieve this with constant practice.
  • While you practise the diagrams, you can write your own explanation. This will improve your understanding of each concept and it will gradually be committed to memory.
  • Expect to double your chances of topping the ICSE Class 10 exam when you attempt to understand the topics instead of learning them by heart.


  • Concentrate on the chemical formulae and be thorough with them. Write all the related formulae in a separate notebook and take a quick look at these before you start any concept.
  • Practise problems from question papers of the last ten years. Try solving them at least once in a week.
  • Again, equations are an essential part of this subject. They are simple to keep in mind. Prepare the list of chemical equations based on the topics in each lesson. Repeat them on a regular basis.
  • If you want to score 90+ in Chemistry, you must assess your preparation. Practise more to improve your weak areas.


  • This subject does not have any formulae and numerical problems, but it is full of diagrams and theories.
  • You can score in biology when you are thorough with the concepts and diagrams. After you understand a topic, try to frame your own answer in a separate notebook.
  • Answer sample papers and past year papers to develop your writing speed.
  • Slot time to practise diagrams. Your answer sheets should be neat; that’s where you improve your chance of getting better marks.

Tips to get more marks in Mathematics:

  • A great way to improve your aggregate lies in Math as this is the most scoring subject of all. You will have to list the formulae and keep them at reach.
  • After quickly solving a sum, glance at it for 30 seconds to check for any minor fault. You will be able to improve your skill in managing time as well as avoid losing marks.
  • To understand the concepts, go through the examples framed in each chapter.
  • You need to put in a lot practise as this is the sole smart trick to score more marks in Math. Calculations are lengthy and time consuming. Practise to improve your speed and accurateness.

Tips to score better marks in English:

  • You can definitely score well in the section of grammar and composition if you put in a lot of practice. Read and solve the exercises regularly and practise your passages.
  • Read chapters in detail to understand better. You need to be clear with the intent behind every episode.
  • Structure your own answers. This will improve your knowledge of a certain topic, your speed and will ultimately increase your chance of scoring better marks in the ICSE English exam.  
  • Lastly, if you want the best returns (yes, real results!) for your smart work, always self-analyse every attempt.

Tips to excel in Social Science:

  • Go through the entire syllabus and start with History first if you find it boring.
  • To remember famous historians and event dates, write them on a different notebook and take a glance whenever needed.
  • For Geography, practise map pointing and be thorough with diagrammatic representations to remember the answers. Include stages of concepts to explain with a neat diagram.
  • Study concepts of Civics by keeping the ICSE syllabus intact. You simply need to keep on writing the answers to achieve your set target.

Tips to perform well in Hindi:

  • Attempt to write answers or passages (at least 2 pages) per day. Why? Because you need to enhance your pace to answer all the questions neatly on the day of the exam.
  • For each long answer, allot 5 to 8 minutes and avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Refer to Class 10 ICSE Previous Year Question Papers and ICSE Sample Papers to understand the question pattern that has been followed so far.
  • Highlight the important statements that you come across while reading the chapters. Use them in your answers.

Now that you know the smart tips to follow, it’s time to put them to action. TopperLearning Academic Advisors have always believed that students should test their groundwork to avoid exam anxiety. It all comes down to matching your preparation to your set target. If you are not testing your performance, you are not doing it right. This is the only way to top the Class 10 ICSE exam. The first step is to prepare a timetable and allot equal time to all the subjects. Next you need to follow these expert tips and practise as much as you can. So these are the great study tips to get more marks. All you will have to do now is study hard and keep your calm.

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