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How to Top the CBSE Class 12 Exam?

How to Top the CBSE Class 12 Exam?

If you wish to top in your CBSE Class 12 exam, you need to get started in the right way. To get the maximum marks in this crucial exam, you should plan your preparation. Your preparation will be in order only with precise study material. As an Academic Advisor, I have been there before and am familiar with the pain of fighting against ineffectiveness which affects preparation of every subject. You know that your study is effective when you use the right tools to enhance your concepts. But success is delayed if you do not put things in place.

Here are few smart tips on how you can top the CBSE exam in 2018 with well-organised preparation.

Study Tips that Guarantee High Marks in CBSE Class 12 Science:

Science as a stream not only helps you gain in-depth knowledge about the surroundings but also opens a wide range of career opportunities. You do know how complicated it is to remember the formulae, diagrams, equations, calculations, laws and experiments. You can miss out on any one of them, so you need to keep a track of your preparation. What is the solution? These expert tips will help you develop proficiency in the concepts of CBSE Class 12 Science.Refer to only NCERT Textbooks. Study from the beginning and strive to cover the syllabus keeping at least 3 months in hand to practise. Devote more time to understand important concepts and write them on a notebook.

  • Whenever you come across any doubt, do not hesitate to ask to your teachers. Keeping doubts within will cause unnecessary anxiety. Get in touch with our Academic Advisors to keep your preparation organised so that you can concentrate on all the topics and study effortlessly regularly.
  • If you want to reduce your time in preparing diagrams, then practise them every day. You need to improve your speed so that you finish answering all the questions on time.
  • Write the important formulae on a different notebook. Revisit them before you begin your day. You can practise and quickly solve problems as the formulae are set right in your memory.
  • If you wish to score 90+ in all the subjects, you need to create an environment to support that vision. There are two proven materials which will help you get exactly what you strive for—Class 12 CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. By adding these tools to your study arsenal, you increase your chance to outshine in the exam.

Study Tips to Score 90+ in CBSE Class 12 Commerce:

Commerce as a stream aims to enable students to compete in modern business and to keep pace with the modern world. It not only includes numbers but also theoretical concepts. It is important to understand your subjects following the right strategies. Let us help you get your calculations right by following proven tactics to score more than 90% in CBSE Class 12 Commerce.

  • If you take too much time in solving one problem, you will have to reduce the time you spend in calculations. But this is not easy. It is important to schedule your study beforehand. When you study from the beginning, you can put in time to practise the problems. This would definitely improve your speed. You will save countless hours which will help you to improve your proficiency in all subjects.
  • Write the formulae in your notebook and revisit them whenever required. Again, highlight the important sentences and try to use them in your answers. For subjects like Business Studies and Economics, give examples. Frame your answers with pointers and use headlines as provided in the Class 12 NCERT Textbooks. Keeping the headlines in mind is much easier than trying to remember long answers that contain paragraphs.
  • Set at least 2 hours every alternate day to practise diagrams. Presentation is essential to score more marks in the exam. This depends on how neat your answer sheets are. The more you practise, the clearer your diagrams will be. It is also easy to write answers following an appropriate and neat diagram.
  • Practise with CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers. They are designed keeping in mind the actual exam setting. Constant practise makes a student perfect.
  • Board Papers are yet another tool to achieve your set percentage. This helps you to analyse your preparation so that you perform better on the day of the exam. It is essential to understand the question pattern which has been followed by the examiner so far. Be aware of the weightage of marks allotted in each section and focus on them.


Study Tips to Get 90+ in CBSE Class 12 Humanities:

Humanities opens the door to the understanding of human nature and society. To get started, you need to make sure that your study material is within your eye range and is neat. Unlike Science and Commerce, this stream is wholly theoretical. Thus, in many ways, your entire groundwork depends on how organised and detailed your notes are.

  • To start with, make sure you read and highlight the sentences that you feel are important. This will help you in framing your own answers. When you do it right, you can keep the concepts stored in your mind and easily recall them.
  • To put the above into practice, the Academic Experts at TopperLearning suggest noting down important points in your own words and reading them for making your concepts clear. When you write down important points, it helps you to retain the theories better. This improves your recall and efficiency. These pointers can be revisited whenever you wish.
  • It is time consuming to prepare for any exam. Begin your preparation at the earliest. It is less effective to begin your preparation when you have two or three months in hand. The last months should be used to constantly practise past year papers of all the subjects, analyse your preparation, work on your identified weaknesses, develop your speed and be at no stress whatsoever during the exam days.
  • It is important to keep your answers presentable. Your handwriting should be clean. Try to write the answers in pointers because it is easy and more understandable. Highlight the important points, sentences or definitions and draw a margin after finishing every answer. You can do this correctly only by keeping the time frame in mind and by practising thoroughly before the exam.
  • Keep a track of your performance with CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers and Sample Papers. This is exactly how you can test your performance. While you have put in a lot of time to cover all the concepts mentioned in the CBSE Class 12 syllabus, it is time to keep your preparation intact with both of these proven practice tools.

If you want to score more in the Class 12 CBSE Exam in 2018, you need to make sure that your preparation is organised. Be sure to track your groundwork with time-tested tools of exam simulation—Sample Papers and Past Year Board Papers.

These smart study tips will ensure that you are ready for all the questions in each stream. Strive to reduce your anxiety by following them, managing your study schedule and keeping your notes clean and organised. 

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