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How to Study for Unit Tests? 6 Great Tips from Experts

It was only in March-April that the new academic session had started. Before students could breathe in the newness, the exams are at the door, knocking fervently. ‘No, it’s not like that’, you may be thinking. It’s only unit tests for now, and it takes but little effort to crack them. But, tell you what, this is just the beginning. One by one, the exams will bombard you till you reach the end of your term. So, why not start early, and get on to the exam mode full on.

Here are a few expert study tips for unit tests that will help you score well:

 1. Do planned study – Now let’s say you have 5 subjects that you need to study for exams. A day has only 24 hours, and there is no way in which you can touch upon all the subjects on the same day. Even if you do, you will find it hard to retain your learnings, and you may have to start all over again. To break the circle, plan your studies efficiently. Revisit the study plan time to time to check your progress. It will serve to motivate you when you tick a task as complete on the schedule.

2. Take small but frequent breaks – Did you know that the attention span of teenagers range from 10-20 minutes. When the brain reaches its saturation point, it tends to blow off steam by not retaining a single thing you read. So, to make studying effective and to retain more information, take a 5-10 minutes break every half an hour. It’s a quick way to boost brain activity and enhance grasping power.

3. Make your own notes – May seem like additional labor to many students, but the effort taken is worth it. Create your own study notes. Use mind maps, draw out important points, steps of a particular concept you find difficult. You will be surprised to see how much this simple activity can help you to enhance score.

4.Revise diligently – The human mind has a terrible knack for forgetting things. What you don’t repeatedly come in contact with, automatically goes to the back of the mind, and remains there till you come in contact with it again. This is why you may find it hard to recall concepts or formulas which you had once by hearted so meticulously. To bridge this gap in memory, you must diligently revise your learnings.

5. Get a good night’s sleep – Especially the night before the exam. Even as you dose off, your mind does its own thing in the back end. It processes and maps information. In other words, it enhances memory. Moreover, skipping sleep the night before exam will leave you groggy with sleep during the exam.

6. Take care of your health – The last thing you would want is to fall sick before the exam. So, avoid junk food and maintain a balanced diet. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.So there you go!


Now that you know how to study for unit tests, you may get back to your books. What? Stumbled upon a doubt? Ask the Expert @ 1800-212-7858 to solve academic doubts instantly!

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