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How to Score 90+ in the Class 10 Board Exam

Scoring 90+ in the Class 10 board exam is what every student wants because it has an impact on a person’s career. But to achieve this high score is not a cakewalk. You could sometimes find yourself wasting hours upon hours trying to discover the right study path to achieve your target. If you want to maximise your efficiency, prepare a timetable first and promise to follow it. Again, you must also spell out your doubts. While studying, pen down your queries and speak with your teacher. If the doubts still distract you, retarget them to our Home Work Help. Scoring 90+ in the board exams is not just about hard work but also about smart work. The smarter your preparation is, the more opportunities you have to outshine in the Class 10 board exam. So, how do you make your preparation smart to score 90+ in the Class 10 board exam?

Here are subject-wise pointers so that you can start your groundwork today.

Class 10 Science:

Science is divided into three areas – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Science is a fun subject when you start taking interest.

It is advisable to study all the chapters cited in the syllabus. The questions are designed based on the course outline.

  • Prepare a complete list of formulae in a sheet and place it within reach.
  • Keep experimental procedures and diagrams always at hand.
  • Don’t just read; try to understand the concepts. Highlight the important points that you come across. This always helps.
  • While studying, try to jot down points which you find significant. You can revisit them anytime.

Class 10 English:

  •  One of the most common ways to score better in English is to read the chapters in detail.
  •  Concentrate on what the teacher explains in the class and write the important points in your note book.
  •  For grammar, you need to constantly practise. This section is scoring only when you attempt as many questions as possible.
  •  Strive to increase your speed as English includes only theoretical aspects. Understand the chapters and prepare your own notes.
  •  Try to make your answers presentable. The events should be covered in sequence in your answers. Each long answer should include an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Refer to Class 10 previous year question papers to understand the pattern that is followed by the examiner so far. Set a time to practise with them as this will definitely develop your speed.

Class 10 Math:

Math is a subject which enhances your analytical abilities, reasoning and decision-making skills. It is a scoring subject which can be achieved if followed with a smart approach.

  • Prepare a list of formulae and keep it within eye range.
  • Be in sync with your textbook.
  • Keep your practice constant. The more you practise, the clearer the concepts will be to you.
  • Focus and read a question as many times as you want unless you are clear as to what you have been asked to solve.
  • For those weak in Math, it is advisable to practise continuously and revisit the concepts and formulae whenever required.
  • Spell out your doubts to your teacher. Do not keep them or any other difficulty to yourself.

Class 10 Social Studies:

For Social Studies, you may want to build a long-lasting relationship with the dates and facts. You may also need practice with multiple rounds to keep all of the dates in memory.

  • Maintain a small notebook with important dates of historical events as outlined in the chapters of the syllabus.
  • Read the course once without trying to remember it. Just like you read a novel or a comic and aim to understand.
  • Note down points which you feel are important.
  • Practise writing within the word limits.
  • Solve previous year question papers and sample papers every alternate day to keep a track of your groundwork.

Class 10 Hindi:

In Hindi, you come across interesting poetry, literature and wisdom, and remembering them is quite easy. Just read and understand every section; you will be able to score.

  • Follow the textbooks provided by the respective boards. They are enormously useful.
  • For grammar, practise as much as you can and try to learn from your errors. Refer to Multiple Choice Questions for self-assessment.
  • Answer past year question papers to understand the changing trends followed by the respective boards. You will realise that few questions are repeated indicating the significance of a particular topic.

So, what are you waiting for?

Personalise your study routine, make a timetable, follow these expert tips and start your preparation now. Solving difficult questions at the right time will make you more likely to achieve 90+ in your Class 10 board exam. 

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