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How to Avoid Feeling Self-conscious

Self-consciousness is a very common feeling in a student’s life. Being self-conscious can really make you uncomfortable at many a times. Let us have a look at the tips to avoid self-consciousness.



Identify the Reason

Try and search for a reason that makes you self-conscious. Things like poor accent, poor language skills, disability and short height make you self-conscious. What is your reason for being self-conscious? Try and discover that.


Work on your Weakness

After you have identified your reason for feeling self-conscious, start working on it instantly. Think of the things you can do to root out these problems from your life. A bad accent and poor language can be improved by taking a class.


Be Confident

Confidence is an important aspect that drives away all the feelings of self-consciousness. Remember, there are certain things that you cannot change about yourself. A short height is something that you have to live with, so there is no point being conscious about it. Walk confidently and no one will ever dare to comment on your height.


Nobody is Perfect

Remember that nobody in this world is perfect. You do not have to necessarily please everyone around you. The day you stop pleasing others, you will be at ease with yourself.


Stop Judging yourself

Sometimes, the feeling of self-consciousness is just limited to you. People might not even notice the things you are conscious about. Just pause for a moment and question yourself, “would you ever judge a person so harshly?” Sometimes, self-criticism goes to extremes and you just need to ignore it and continue to feel confident. So, stop judging yourself and the world will stop judging you!


Divert your Attention

Whenever you feel crippled by self-consciousness, divert your mind to better things. Think of the moments and the things that make you feel nice and happy.


Control your Thoughts

Thoughts like “What others might be thinking of me?” can aggravate the problem of self-consciousness. Avoid thinking such things. Maintain a carefree attitude, make fun of yourself, be nice to people and crack jokes. Ultimately, it is the inner beauty that matters. People hate you or love you for the person you are not for the qualities you do not have.


Stay Positive

Be with people who have a positive effect on you. Do not make friends with those who are critical about people and have no other good work to do.


So, the next time when you feel conscious, you know what to do.


Pratibha Yadav

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