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How to answer paragraph-based questions in CBSE 10 Science?


How to answer paragraph-based questions in CBSE 10 Science?

Lets explore the tips and tricks to answer paragraph-based questions in CBSE Class 10 Science exam 2020.

By Topperlearning Expert 20th Feb, 2020 04:17 pm

Your CBSE Class 10 board exams carry several paragraph-based questions which can fetch you full marks with logical thinking. If you go through the CBSE Class 10 Science question paper pattern, you will find that the paper carries different types of questions including graph-based questions, assertion-type questions, paragraph-based questions etc. 

1.      What is a paragraph-type question in CBSE Class 10?

In a paragraph-type question, a paragraph will be given with a set of questions. You need to write answers based on the information given in the paragraph. Your understanding of concepts and analytical skills are tested through the paragraph-based questions.

2.      How to attempt paragraph-based questions in CBSE Class 10?

To understand and answer paragraph-based questions in your Class 10 Science papers, here are 5 steps:

Step 1

Read the question properly. How much time you have to solve this question depends on your time management skills. If you can read the paragraph with complete focus, you will not need much time to answer the questions that are based on the paragraph.

Step 2

Underline the keywords in the given paragraph which reveal important information. While reading the question, you will come across words that will give you an idea of the topic being discussed. Once you know the topic, you can quickly remember the theory and formulae from that topic.

Step 3

Next, analyse the questions. Here, think clearly about what is being asked. Your exam evaluator does not want you to write everything you know about the topic. So, find out what is precisely expected in the answer.

Step 4

Now, gather the data points from the given paragraph. Think of which formula or theoretical concept identified in Step 2 can be applied to answer the question.

Step 5

Use the data gathered from the given paragraph to apply the identified concept and write the relevant answer for the given questions.

Need more help with the problem-solving approach? Here’s a video by an expert teacher on correctly solving paragraph-based Class 10 questions. 



 3.      Tips to score marks in paragraph-based questions in Class 10

Below are a few valuable tips to secure marks through a paragraph-type question in the CBSE Class 10 board examinations:

  • Catch the hints for answers

Read the passage multiple times to understand the data given in the paragraph and find hints for possible answers. Sometimes, the answer to certain questions are already present in the given paragraph.

  • Revise formulae

Some questions may involve calculations based on the data given in the paragraph. For example, in Physics, you may get information about the journey of a person in the paragraph and the question can be to find the distance covered from Point A to Point B. Here, you may have to remember and apply the distance formula to calculate the distance travelled by the person.

  • Clear your doubts

If you have doubts related to paragraph-based questions, you can clear them using the doubt-resolution features on education portals such as TopperLearning.


4.      CBSE Class 10 study strategy for paragraph-based questions

Your study strategy to score marks from paragraph-type questions should focus on two things:

  • Practising paragraph-based questions

When you practise paragraph-type questions, you learn to read paragraphs and extract information to go about answering different types of questions. Previous years’ question papers would be useful for exam practice, but they may not have sufficient paragraph-based questions which have been added recently. Numerous CBSE Class 10 Science sample papers are easily available online. You can use the latest sample papers which are designed as per the latest exam paper pattern to practise paragraph-type questions.

  • Conceptual clarity

Even if you know how to solve paragraph-based questions in CBSE Class 10 exams, your preparation will be incomplete if you have weak conceptual knowledge. Just knowing the structure of paragraph-type questions would be like knowing the steps of a Science experiment wherein you do not know what ingredients to put to get the desired results. Knowledge of concepts is critical while uncovering the key points in paragraph-type questions. Watch CBSE Class 10 concept videos or practise NCERT Class 10 solutions for Science to get a good hold of the key concepts. Also, attempt CBSE Class 10 online tests or try solving sample papers for self-evaluation.

Paragraph-based questions can be scoring areas in your Class 10 Science question paper. You just need to revise the chapter topics from Physics, Chemistry and Biology to understand the concepts and score marks. Paragraph-type questions may require you to answer theory questions, numericals or logic-based questions based on the theory. Also, use resources like CBSE Class 10 sample papers to learn the application of concepts and formulae while answering paragraph-based questions. Your preparation for numerical questions will be useful while attempting paragraph-type questions as well.


For more information on online CBSE Class 10 Science study materials, you can visit TopperLearnings Class 10 study resources.

If you wish to talk to an academic counsellor for CBSE Class 10 preparation support, call 1800-212-785

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