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Gujarat: A Closer Look


Gujarat: A Closer Look

By Admin 28th Apr, 2014 02:30 pm

Gujarat, known for the famous politician Narendra Modi, has many special attributes which will mesmerise you. Besides being one of the most industrialised states in India, Gujarat has the elements to satisfy the cravings of a tourist's soul. So, let's have a closer look at the state's enchanting diversity.



The culture of Gujarat forms an integral and dominant part of Indian culture. Despite undergoing modernisation, the people of Gujarat-Gujaratis - have succeeded in preserving its rich cultural diversity. Gujaratis are lively folk, with lifestyles as rich as their colourful dresses. Vibrant art and architecture are other fascinating sights in Gujarat.


Art and Craft


Arts and crafts like embroidery, stone work, wood carving, pottery and printing are famous in Gujarat. The sculpture and miniature paintings of Gujarat are unique and graceful. You may easily fall in love with the beauty of Gujarati art and craft.


Tradition of Song and Dance


The song and dance forms of Gujarat are well known. So much so that every occasion in Gujarat has a song. The dance forms of Garba and Dandiya Raas are popular and frequently depicted in Bollywood movies. Even if you are not from Gujarat, you are bound to know about these dance forms.



The people of Gujarat are fond of eating. This translates into variety in cuisine. Thepla, Undhiyu, Khakhra, Dhokla, Puran Poli, Basundi, Fafda, Khandvi, Muthia and Bhakhri are but a few names from the vast dishes served up in Gujarat. Have you ever tasted an authentic Gujarati thali? Well, you must give it a try! The traditional thali of Gujarat would basically consist of rotis, dal, sabzi (a vegetable of the season), pickle and sweets.


Work Culture


The people of Gujarat believe in doing business with strong work ethics. Their enterprising nature and entrepreneurship are worth emulating.


Association with the Mahatma

Gujarat is the hometown of the great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. Thus, the state becomes all the more special by giving us our Father of the Nation!

Pratibha Yadav

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