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God's thumbnail

Bystanding a breezy mid night sky while sipping a tea in my house veranda. Call it a rare event in the midst of Mumbai city. With bright twinkling stars and like radium in the sky the Moon shined. Out of no where, a curving smile appeared on my face personifying the shape of the moon. No, it wasn't the site of a romantic full Moon. It was the C shaped phase of the moon; like a smiley face. Flash back to my childhood days, even though i haven't grown-up much in the years but still a flash back : ) . Secretly i use to call this phase of the moon as "God's Thumbnail". It is funny when you think for God awesome as he is; i thought it was a part of his thumbnail flying in the sky closer to earth when he uses his mighty nail cutter to shape off his nails. Every time i saw it innocently i use to shout out... God's thumbnail yeeaah!! (it happens even now) And this part of my life was devastating "Where my teacher crushes off my only fantasy with God" during the exciting science period - Phases of the Moon. Science trampled my veracity of being connected to a divine power in to mere speck of dust. It was hard to digest for few days. But not until the day where she took us to the lab where using a globe and a tennis ball she explained the occurrences of the phases of the moon. Hmm.. it was like an episode of Hindi serials, where stunning expression where visible on my face. Soon I accepted the reality so called "Phases of the Moon". But now, understanding the awesomeness and the Power of God, I won't shy, to call it as God's Thumbnail. And so I wonder, have I grown up. Sometimes, u don't have too, till the time it brings a joy to your heart and a "C"urving smile which is the armour of God to rupture all crooked lines of worries. ....Reggie.

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