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Back to School: Get Ready for the First Day at School

The summer vacation is over. It’s time to come out of the holiday mood and start preparing for school. The first day at school after a long and relaxing summer vacation can be either happy or sad! Well, the mixed feelings will continue. However, let’s concentrate on the first day of school on the best possible footing.


Dress Well


You need to look presentable. A well-dressed student creates a good impression. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to create a bad impression on your teachers and friends on the first day itself.


Eat a Healthy Breakfast


Eat a healthy breakfast before leaving the house. You may have shuffled and changed your meal timings during the vacations, and therefore, if you don’t eat a proper breakfast, then you may end up with the hunger pangs.


Arrange your Things


Make sure your bag is packed according to your timetable. Please pack all the necessary items before leaving for school right from day one.


Reach Early

Avoid being late on the first day of school. Set your alarm and reach early. Starting your day early can be a fresh way to look forward to the new academic year and more importantly to the beginnings of new friendships.


Call up your Friends


If you’ve decided to reach school early, then you can also call up your friends and have a good chat with them about how you spent your vacations. Having a chat with your friends will start your day on a good note.


Be Positive


Remain positive and positive things will happen. Feelings of nervousness and self-consciousness are common among students. Don’t worry and start your day happily.

Pratibha Yadav
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