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Fun Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Thinking about having a blast on Father’s Day? Look at some of the fun ideas which you can consider doing on Father’s Day.


Dad’s favourite Fun Thing

What is your dad’s idea of having fun? He may like playing games or listening to music. Organise things that are included in his favourite list.


Breakfast in Bed

You can surprise your dad by getting him breakfast in bed with his morning newspaper and other necessary things. Believe us! He will love it.


Express Love with Chits

With the help of chits, you can express your love for your father. Write about the things that you appreciate about your dad and how important he is in your life and other related things. Put all the chits in a jar and gift it to him.


Go for a movie

You can utilise the occasion of Father’s Day and go for a movie. Your dad will be happy to spend some quality time with family.


Go for long Drives

Long drives are a great way of rejuvenating yourself. How about taking your dad on a long drive on Father’s Day?


Gift him Love

The most important of all is that he should feel love in everything you do for him. If you are gifting him something, gift him something that you have made out of love. Buying things from the market is easy and quick. By making something, you invest your time and efforts, which he will surely notice.


Organise a Party

What can be more fun than enjoying a party with your family and friends! Throw a surprise party for your dad, call his close friends and let him have fun.


-By Pratibha Yadav

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